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      There are more than 700 bios in this section; there are several bios of some who were prominent historically. The writings of some are included with their bio. Some Baptists who are included here are virtually unknown in our day, but they 'plowed faithfully in their small field' and are included.

Adams, George F. - Adams, John Q. - Adams, Samuel M. - Alexander, Lewis D. - Allen, Jane - Anderson, J. H. - Anderson, R. T. - Angus, Joseph - Armitage, Thomas - Arthur, William - Asa - Asplund, John - Backus, Isaac - Bainbridge, Peter - Baines, George W. - Baldwin, Thomas - Barnes, Lemuel Call - Barrow, David - Bays, Joseph - Beaman, Roy O. - Beddome, Benjamin - Benedict, David - Bennett, Eld. Micajah - Bethel, Lemuel Hall - Black, J. D. - Black, John William - Blackwood, Christopher - - Blitch, Joseph Luke - The Boardmans - George Dana & Sr. - Bogard, Ben M. - Boone, Squire II - Booth, Abraham - Bow, Jonathan Gaines - Bower, Jacob - Boyce, James P. - Brantly, W. T. - Breaker, J. M. C. - Broaddus, Andrew - Broaddus, William F. - Broadus, John A. - Brong, Rosco - Brown, J. Newton - Brundige, William - Bruner, Weston - Bryan, Andrew - Buck, William C. - Buckland, R. J. W. - Buckley, Elder William - Buckner, Henry F. - Bunyan, John - Burleson, Rufus - Burns, David E. -

Calloway, Binie - Campbell, Duncan R. - Caperton, A. C. - Carey, John - Carey, William - Carpenter, C. H. - Carroll, B. H. - Carroll, J. M. - Carson, Alexander - Cary, Lott - Cash, Warren - Castleberry, Van Boone - Cathcart, William - Caudill, Medford - Chapin, Stephen - Chaudoin, William N. - Chiles, James - Christian, John T. - Clarke, John - Clarke, Miner G. - Cole, C. D. - Coleman, James S. - Cockrell, Milburn - Colgate, William - Colman, James - Comer, John - Compere, E. L. - Cone, Spencer H. - Conner, Lewis - Cook, Joseph - Cottrell, Reuben - Covington, Will Ed - Craig, Elijah and Joseph - Craig, Lewis - Cranfill, J. B. - Crawford, N. M. - Crawford, T. P. and Martha - Crismon, Leo. T. - Criswell, W. A. - Cross, I. K. - Curry, J. L. M. - Curry, Lathey Ernest

Dagg, John L. - D'Anvers, Henry - Davis, Jimmie B. - Davis, Noah K. - Dawson, W. H. - Dayton, A. C. - DeVotie, James - Dexter, Gregory - Dillard, Ryland T. - Dobbs, C. E. W. - Dodd, M. E. - Dowling, John - Downs, Thomas - Doyle, David - Drummond, Lewis - Dudley, Ambrose and Thomas P. - Dudley, Richard M. - Dudley, William - Dunbar, Duncan - Dunlevy, Francis - Dunster, Henry - Eaton, Joseph H. - Eaton, T. T. - Edmonds, Justin O. - Edwards, Morgan - Elsey, Charles W. - Evans, Christmas - Everts, W. W.

Fawcett, John - Ferrill, London - Ferris, Ezra - Fish, Ezra J. - Fisher, Thomas J. - Floyd, Matthew - Florence Frank, Jr. - Folk, E. E. - Ford, Reuben - Ford, Samuel H. - Forty, Henry - Francis, Benjamin - Francis, Henry - Fristoe, Robert - Frost, James M. - Fuller, Andrew - Gambrell, James Bruton - Gano, John - Gano, Stephen - Gardner, W. W. - Gayle, Peter S. - George, Herbert D. - Giddings, Rockwood - Gifford, Andrew - Gill, John - Gillette, A. D. - Goadby, J. J. - Goddard, Josiah - Graham, Baltis Joseph Windsor - Going, Jonathan - Graves, Absalom - Graves, Alfred C. - Graves, J.R. - Graves, Rosewell - Green, Abner W. - Green, Elisha - Greenwood, James - Grigg, Jacob - Grime, J. H. - Guthrie, J. Louis -

Hailey, O. C. - Haldane, Robert - Hale, Fred D. - Hall, J. N. - Hall, Robert - Ham, Mordecai - Harding, John - Harding, T. S. - Harriss, Samuel - Hart, Oliver - Hartwell, Jesse Boardman - Harvey, W. P. - Hatcher, John - Hatcher, William E. - Havner, Vance - Hawthorne, James B. - Haycraft, Samuel - Henderson , Thomas - Hickman, William - Hill, Samuel. S. - Hightower, John - Hinton, Isaac Taylor - Hiscox, Edward T. - Holcombe, Henry - Holman, Jesse - Holmes, Donald - Holmes, Obadiah - Hovey, Alvah - Howell, R. B. C. - Hubbard, Carroll - H├╝bmaier, Balthasar - Hutchings, Moses - Ireland, James - Ivimey, Joseph -

Jackson, Reuben S. - James, Collins T. - James, John - James, Robert S. - Jasper, John - Jeter, Jeremiah B. - Jewell, William - Johnson, Lafayette - Johnson, N. B. (Napoleon Bonaparte) - Jolly, James M. - Jones, Horatio Gates - Jones, Jenkin - Jopling, James - Judson, Adoniram - Kazee, Buell H. - Keach, Benjamin - Keach, Elias -Kerfoot, Franklin H. - Keyes, Cleon - Kiffin, William - Killingworth, Thomas - King,William - Kinghorn, Joseph - Kirtley, James A. - Kirtley, Robert - Kirtley, Robert E. - Knapp, Jacob - Knollys, Hanserd.

Lampton, Henry T. - Landrum, William W. - Lane, Dutton - Lane, Tidence - Larkin, Clarence - LaRue, Alexander W. - Lasher, George W. - Lee, James - Leland, John - Lewis, Cadwallader - Lewis, David - Lilly J.C. - Liele, George - Lofton, George A. - Loval, William - Lunsford, Lewis - Lynd, Samuel W. - Maclaren, Alexander - Madden, D. S. -Mahan, R. W. - Mallary, Charles D. - Manly, Basil, Sr. and Jr. - Manning, James - Maple, Joseph C. - Marrs, Elijah - Marshall, Daniel - Marshman, Mrs. Hannah - Marshman, Joshua & Marshman, John - Marshall, Joseph - Martin, John - Martin, M. T. - Martin, T. T. - Maslin, Roger - Mason, Roy - Massee, Jasper C. - Masters, Frank Mariro - Matton, Charles Hiram - McCoy, Isaac - McGlothlin, W. J. - McRidley, W. H. - Mell, Patrick H. - Mercer, Jesse - Mercer, Silas - Meredith Thomas - Milburn, J. H. - Mitchell, Roy - Moffett, Anderson - Moody, J. B. - Moore, Jeremiah - Morgan, Abel - Morgan, Evan - Morgan, Robert - Murphy, D. R. - Murrow, J. S. - Myles, John -

Nelson, Samuel - Nevins, William M. - Noel, Silas M. - Norris, J. Frank - Nowlin, William Dudley - Overby, Hafford H. - Patient, Thomas - Patrick, Andrew - Pearce, Samuel - Pearse, Richard - Peck, John - Peck, John Mason - Pelot, Francis - Pendleton, James Madison - Penn, W. E. - Perry, John - Peter, Jesse - Petrey, Asbel S. - Pettie, A. S. - Pink, Arthur W. - Poindexter, A. M. - Porter, J. W. - Powell, C. H. - Powers, Walter E. - Pratt, William M. - Probert, Evan - Pusey, John J. -

Ragland, George - Ray, David B. - Read, James - Redding, Joseph - Reed, Isaac - Reese, W. A. - Rhees, Morgan John - Rice, John - Rice, Luther - - Riggs, Bethuel - Riley, William B. - Roberts, Issachar J. - Roberts, Thomas Z. - Robertson, A. T. - Robinson, Ezekiel G. - Robinson, Robert - Rogers, Eldwyn - Roddy, J. M. - Rone, Wendell - Ross, Martin - Ross, Reuben - Rothwell, William R. - Rowland, A. Judson - Ryland, John - Ryland, Robert - Saker, Alfred - Scarboro, J. A. - Scott, Moses - Scott, Perriander C. - Screven, William - Sears, A. D. - Semple, Robert B. - Shakespeare, J. H. - Sheppard, Joseph - Shields, T. T. - Shuck, Henrietta Hall - Shuck, Jehu Lewis - Simerwell, Robert - Simmons, T. P. - Slade, H. C. - Smith, Green Clay - Smith, Hezekiah - Smith, James - Smith, John - Sparkman, John - Spencer, John H. - Spurgeon, Charles H. - Stearns, Shubael - Stennett, Joseph - Stevens, C. D. - Stevens, Charles H. - Stevens, John - Stevenson, Moore - Stifler, J. M. - Straton, J. Roach - Suggett, James - Sutcliff, John - Symonds, Joshua -

Tanner, John - Tarrant, Carter - Taylor, A. S. - Taylor, Alfred - Taylor, Edwin R. - Taylor, H. Boyce - Taylor, John - Terrell, Gail. E. - Terwoot, Hendrick - Thomas, Jesse B. - Thompson, Calvin Miles - Tichenor, Isaac - Tolbert, Benjamin - Totevine, Isaac - Tribble, Andrew - Trimble, Seldon - Truett, George W. - Tucker, Henry Holcombe - Tull, Selsus - Tyndale, William - Upham, Edward - Vardeman, Jeremiah - Vaughn, Charlie Leroy - Vaughan, Joshua - Vaughan, William - Vedder, Henry C. - Vick, George Beauchamp - Vickers, Moses -

Walker, Clarence - Waller, Edmund - Waller, George - Waller, John - Waller, John L. - Ward, Wayne - Warden, Walter - Warder, Joseph - Warfield, William C. - Watters, Henry E. - Watts, John - Wayland, Francis - Weatherford, John - Welch, Bartholomew T. - Welch, James Ely - Wells, Norman - Werden, Peter - Whitaker, John - Whitfield, Charles - Whitsitt, James - Whitsitt, William - Thomas Wilcox - Williams, Alvin Peter - Willis, Joseph - Willson, John S. - Wilson, Samuel - Wood, John Henry - Wood, W. A. M. - Wood, W. K. - Yeaman, W. Pope - Yeiser, Daniel E. - York, Wallace - Young, John

See British Bios for 29 additional bios.

      There are also bios from Elkhorn Association (KY), Long Run Association (KY), Northbend Association (KY), Sandy Creek Association, (NC) (13); and Estill County, KY (39); seventeen from Grassy Creek Baptist Church and nineteen from Semple's Virginia Baptists.

      Additionally early Delaware bios; thirty-two brief Illinois bios; fifty-four from Ohio & more early Ohio and more early Ohio. Also from Spencer's Kentucky Baptists: vol. 1; and sixty-seven Missouri bios from Duncan's history. Early Oklahoma bios here. There are also seventeen bios by Ben Bogard here. Thirty-three short North Carolina bios. There are 1400 short Florida Baptist Bios here. Also see under Boone County (KY), and the British section. And more than twenty early KY Emancipationist Baptist bios here.

     The section below includes some of the above bios. It also has essays / sermons by some persons.

Rev. George F. Adams, D. D.
Early Maryland Baptist Minister
Rev. John Quincy Adams
Baptist Minister and Author

Lewis D. Alexander
Early Owen County, KY Baptist Preacher

A Biographical Sketch of the late Mrs. Jane Allen
Paris, Kentucky, 1847

J. H. Anderson Bio
Early KY & TN Baptist Minister

Biographical Sketch of
Rev. Robert T. Anderson

Early Western KY & TN Preacher
By Rev. A. D. Sears, 1859

Joseph Angus
British Baptist Minister, Historian and Educator
By Thomas Armitage, 1890
+ Two books, three essays.

Thomas Armitage, D.D.
Pastor and Historian
A bio and an essay

William Arthur
Early Irish/American Baptist Minister

First Black Preacher in Boone County, KY

John Asplund
Early Swedish/American Historian
There are two bios.

Isaac Backus
Early New England Minister and Historian
There are six articles + bio book.

George Washington Baines, Sr.
Texas Baptist Pastor, Teacher, and Editor

Peter Bainbridge
Early Kentucky Baptist Preacher and Physician
There are two bios.

Thomas Baldwin
Colonial New England Baptist Minister
Plus one essay

Lemuel Call Barnes
Baptist Pastor and Author

David Barrow
VA & KY Baptist Emancipationist
Three bios + Circular Letter

Joseph Bays
Early Texas Baptist Preacher

Roy O. Beaman
Baptist Minsister and Teacher
Short bio, three essays, two sermons

Benjamin Beddome
British Baptist Minister and Songwriter

David Benedict
Early Baptist Minister and Historian
Six items.

Eld. Micajah Bennett
Early Mississippi Baptist Preacher

J. D. Black
Early Central KY Minister
By J. H. Spencer, 1885

John William Black
Early Kentucky Baptist Pastor & Leader
By George R. Jewell

Christopher Blackwood
Early Irish Baptist Minister
Bio + essay on his letters.

The Boardmans - Father and Son
George Dana Boardman, D. D. & Sr.

Early Baptist Pastor / Foreign Missionary
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Ben M. Bogard
Leader of the ABA
Editor of Pillars of Orthodoxy
17 short bios and essays

Rev. Abraham Booth
British Baptist Pastor and Author
Two bios and five of his books

Jonathan Gaines Bow
Kentucky Baptist Minister & Writer

Jacob Bower
Frontier Baptist Minister

James Pettigru Boyce, D. D., LL.D.
Baptist Minister and Educator
Fourteen documents here.

W. T. Brantly
Early Baptist Minister and Editor
By Elder William Brantly, (his son)
bio, CL and essay

J. M. C. Breaker
Early Southern Pastor and Writer
There are three bios and an essay.

Rev. Andrew Broaddus
Early Virginia Baptist Minister
Five documents here.

William F. Broaddus
Early Virginia Baptist Minister
By George Braxton Taylor, 1912

John A. Broadus
Early Baptist Minister and Educator
Forty documents here.

Rosco Brong
Baptist Minister and Teacher
Bio, Many Sermons & SS Lessons.

Weston Bruner
Baptist Minister
Bio & Revival Article

Andrew Bryan
Andrew Bryan
Georgia African-American Baptist Minister

William C. Buck
Early Baptist Minister and Editor
Three bios + three essays.
Also comments on his Hymn book.

Elder William Buckley
Frontier KY Baptist Emancipationist

Henry Ireland Buckner
Early Baptist Indian Missionary
Three bios.

Duncan R. Campbell, LL.D.
Early President of Georgetown College
By Samuel H. Ford -

A. C. Caperton
Early Baptist Minister and Editor
There are two bios.

John Carey
Baptist Servant.

William Carey
First British bapt,vaForeign Baptist Missionary
There are eleven documents.

L. W. Carlin
Western Kentucky Pastor

C. H. Carpenter
Early Baptist Missionary to Burmah
The Baptist Encyclopedia

B. H. Carroll
Early Texas Baptist Preacher and Educator
There are nineteen documents..

James Milton [J. M.] Carroll. D.D.
Early Texas Baptist Preacher and Historian
Three documents.

Alexander Carson
British Baptist Minister
Three documents

Lott Cary
Early Black Baptist Missionary to Africa
By William Crane, Esq., 1858

Warren Cash
Early Kentucky Baptist Minister

Van Boone Castleberry
Baptist Minister

William Cathcart
Editor of The Baptist Encyclopedia

William Nowell Chaudoin
Early TN/GA Baptist Minister
by Joseph H. Borum, 1880

John T. Christian
Baptist Minister and Historian
Eight documents.

Dr. John Clarke
Colonial Baptist Minister and Leader
Two Bios.

Miner G. Clarke
Early New England Baptist Minister

C. D. Cole
Baptist Pastor and Writer
By Ben Stratton
Bio + docs

James S. Coleman
Western Kentucky Pastor and Leader
There are two bios and a sermon.

Memoir of Rev. James Colman
Late missionary at Cox's Bazar, in India
The American Baptist Magazine,
and Missionary Intelligencer
, 1823

Deacon William Colgate
New York City Baptist
By George H. Hansell, 1899.

John Comer
Early Rhode Island Baptist Minister

Spencer H. Cone
Early New York City Baptist Pastor
There are nine documents.

Lewis Conner
Baptist Minister (KY)
Two bios

Joseph Cook
Early British and SC Baptist Preacher
Annals of the American Baptist Pulpit, 1860
By William Buell Sprague

Reuben Cottrell
Early Kentucky Baptist Preacher

Will Ed Covington
FBC Deacon, Paducah, KY

The Craigs: Elijah, Joseph and Lewis
Kentucky Frontier Baptist Brothers
Six documents

J. B. Cranfill
Early Texas Baptist Minister and Editor

N. M. Crawford
By Shaler Granby Hillyer, 1902
Reminiscences of Georgia Baptists

Tarlton Perry [T. P.] Crawford
and Martha Foster Crawford

Early Baptist Missionaries to China
Fifteen documents

W. A. Criswell
Texas Baptist Minister and Leader
Three documents

I. K. Cross
Baptist Minister, Author and Educator
Four documents

J. L. M. Curry, D.D., LL.D.
Bio and Two Essays.

Lathey Ernest Curry
First President of Campbellsville College

Governor Henry D'Anvers
British Baptist Historian
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Noah K. Davis
Baptist Educator

W. H. Dawson
Long-time Kentucky Baptist Pastor

A. C. Dayton
Early Baptist Leader and Writer
There are two bios and an essay.

Gregory Dexter
Colonial Baptist

Ryland T. Dillard
Early Central Kentucky Frontier Preacher
Three bios and two Circular Letters

Dr. C. E. W. Dobbs
Early Kentucky Baptist Leader

Dr. M. E. Dodd
Baptist Minister

John Dowling
Baptist Pastor and Author

Thomas Downs
Early Kentucky Baptist Preacher

David Doyle
Early Missouri Baptist Missionary
By Samuel H. Ford

Ambrose Dudley and Sons
Early Central Kentucky Frontier Preachers

Richard M. Dudley
Early Baptist Minister and Educator

William Dudley
Valiant Baptist in the War of 1812

Rev. Duncan Dunbar
Early New York Pastor
Two bios

Judge Francis Dunlevy
Early Baptist Leader in Southern Ohio
By A. H. Dunlevy (His son)

Henry Dunster
First President of Harvard
Two bios.

Joseph H. Eaton
Baptist Minister and Educator
by J. J. Burnett

T. T. Eaton
Baptist Leader
Three bios and two essays.

Justin O. Edmonds
Baptist Minister
By Thomas W. Haynes, 1848

Morgan Edwards
First American Baptist Historian
Three bios and two of his State Baptist history notebooks.

Christmas Evans
Early Welsh Baptist Minister
Bios + ten of his sermons + obit.

W. W. Everts
Nineteenth Century Baptist Minister

John Fawcett
Early British Baptist Pastor

London Ferrill
African-American Baptist in Early Kentucky
There are two bios.

Elder Ezra Ferris
Early Southern Indiana Baptist Pastor
There are two bios and an index of his essays.

Ezra J. Fish
Michigan Baptist Minister and Author
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Thomas J. Fisher
Nineteenth Century KY Revivalist

Elder Matthew Floyd
Early South-Central KY Baptist Minister
By J. H. Spencer

Frank Florence, Jr.
Baptist Pastor, Missionary & Author

Reuben Ford
Early Virginia Baptist Minister
By James B. Taylor, 1859

Samuel H. Ford
There are three bios and an index of his essays.

Henry Forty
Persecuted British Baptist Minister

Benjamin Francis
Early British Baptist Minister
The Baptist Magazine, 1818

Robert Fristoe
Early Tennessee Baptist Preacher
By J. J. Burnett

James M. Frost
Baptist Leader and Writer

Andrew Fuller
Early English Baptist Minister
Memoir, Bios, Circular Letters, Sermons & more.

James Bruton Gambrell
By George W. Truett, D. D.
Biblical Recorder, 1932
"Life Stories of Great Baptists"

John Gano
There are a total of fourteen documents.

Stephen Gano
Early American Baptist Minister

Rev. W. W. Gardner, D.D.
Early Kentucky Pastor and Educator
By Martin H. Smith, A. M., 1875

Peter S. Gayle
Tennessee Pioneer Baptist Preacher

Rockwood Giddings
Early Kentucky Minister & Educator
Two bios

Dr. Andrew Gifford
Eighteenth Century Baptist Minister
Two bios

Dr. John Gill
Early British Minister and Theologian
There are two bios.

A. D. Gillette, D.D.
Early Baptist Minister and Historian
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Joseph Jackson Goadby
Early British Baptist Minister and Historian

Rev. Josiah Goddard
Early Baptist China Missionary
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Jonathan Going, D. D.
Baptist Minister, Missionary and Educator
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Baltis Joseph Windsor Graham
Early Georgia Baptist Minister and Editor
Baptist Biographies, 1917

Absalom Graves
Early Boone County, KY Baptist Leader
Three bios and three Circular Letters he wrote

Alfred C. Graves
Baptist Minister and editor

J. R. [James Robinson] Graves
Baptist Editor and Minister
There are five bios, a book of 12 sermons + essays.

Abner W. Green
Alabama Baptist Minister
By David Gregg

Elder Jacob Grigg
Early Emancipationist Baptist Minister
Two Bios & Circular Letter

J. H. Grime
Early Tennessee Minister

Fred D. Hale
Baptist Minister and Evangelist

J. N. [John Newton] Hall
Western Kentucky Baptist Pastor
A bio, picture and essay.

Robert Hall
British Baptist Minister

Mordecai Ham
Western Kentucky Baptist Evangelist

Rev. John Harding
By Henry MacDonald
The Christian Repository, 1857

Rev. T. S. Harding of Nova Scotia
By Rev. J. M. Cramp, D.D., 1855

Samuel Harriss
Early Virginia Baptist Preacher
By James B. Taylor, 1859

Oliver Hart
By David Benedict, 1813

Jesse Boardman Hartwell, D.D.
Early Baptist Missionary to China
The Baptist Encylopedia, 1881

W. P. Harvey
Kentucky Baptist Minister and Historian

Havner, Vance
Baptist Evangelist

James B. Hawthorne
Baptist Minister
Bio + one sermon

Samuel Haycraft
Early Kentucky Baptist
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Thomas Henderson
Early Kentucky Baptist Minister and Educator

William Hickman
Kentucky Frontier Preacher
His autobio, two bios and a picture of his grave marker.

John Hightower
Frontier KY Baptist Preacher
By J. H. Spencer, 1885

Rev. Isaac Taylor Hinton
Early Baptist Minister
The Baptist Encyclopaedia, 1881

Edward T. Hiscox
19th Century NE & NY Baptist Minister

Henry Holcombe
Early Georgia Baptist Minister
By J. H. Campbell, 1874

Jesse Holman
Southeastern Indiana Baptist Preacher, Writer and Legislator
Two bios and a list of his essays.

Obadiah Holmes
Persecuted American Baptist
There are two documents

Robert B. C. Howell
Early Tennessee Baptist Pastor and Editor
There are four bios, two sermons and an essay.

Balthasar Hubmaier
Anabaptist Leader

Elder Moses Hutchings
By Carter Tarrant, 1808

Elder James Ireland
Early Virginia Baptist Preacher
There are three bios.

Joseph Ivimey
British Baptist Historian

Memorial of R. S. Jackson
Early Louisiana Baptist Preacher

Collins T. James
Pioneer Black Preacher in Southwest Georgia
The Journal of Baptist Studies, 2009
By Warren T. Hope
A Link - PDF File

Robert Salee James
KY/MO/CA Baptist Minister
A Link

John Jasper
19th Century Black Baptist Preacher
2 books, sermon & obit

Jeremiah Bell Jeter
Early Virginia Baptist Minister
Two bios.

Hon. William Jewell, M.D.
Missouri Baptist Physician
By R. P. Rider, A. M.

James M. Jolly
Early Northern Kentucky Baptist Minister
Campbell County (KY) Association Minutes, 1901.

Horatio Gates Jones
Early Pennsylvania Baptist Minister

James Jopling
British Deacon

Adoniram Judson
First American Baptist Missionary

Buell H. Kazee
Kentucky Baptist Minister, Teacher and Singer
A short bio, two books and other writings; also three audio sermons.

Keach, Benjamin
Early British Baptist Minister

Franklin Howard Kerfoot
Baptist Pastor and Educator
By Henry T. Lothan, 1903
Bio and a Sermon.

William Kiffin
Early British Baptist Minister
There are three bios.

Elder William King
Early North Carolina Baptist Minister
Also: Broad River Association Circular Letter, 1808

Kinghorn, Joseph
British Baptist Minister

James A. Kirtley
Boone County (KY) Baptist Minister
Spencer's A History of Kentucky Baptists

Elder Robert Kirtley
Early Boone County, KY Baptist Leader
There are three bios.

Robert E. Kirtley
Early Boone County, KY Baptist Pastor

Elder Jacob Knapp
Nineteenth Century Baptist Evangelist

Hanserd Knollys
Early British Baptist
J. Newton Brown, D. D.

Elder Henry Thornton Lampton
A Valiant Soldier of the Cross
By W. H. Dawson, 1898

Dutton Lane
Early Virginia Baptist
By Robert B. Semple

Tidence Lane
"First Minister to Preach Regularly
to a Tennessee Congregation"
By J. J. Burnett, 1919

Clarence Larkin
Baptist Minister and Writer

G. W. Lasher, D. D.
19th Century Baptist Minister and Editor

John Leland
There is a bio and five of his writings.

Cadwallader Lewis
KY Minister and Educator

George Liele
First Baptist Foreign Missionary

James Carlin (J.C.) Lilly
Western Kentucky Baptist Minister
By Cecil Fayard

Samuel W. Lynd
Baptist Pastor and Educator
By Jim Duvall

R. W. Mahan
W. Kentucky Baptist Pastor

Charles D. Mallary
Early Georgia Baptist Minister
By J. H. Campbell, 1874

Basil Manly, Sr.
Basil Manly, Jr.

Early Baptist Ministers and Educators

James Manning, D.D.
By Thomas Armitage, 1890

Rev. Joseph Cowgill Maple, A. M., D. D.
Missouri Baptist Pastor and Historian
By R. P. Rider, 1918

Memoir of Mrs. Hannah Marshman
Widow of the Late Dr. Joshua Marshman of Serampore, 1847

Joshua Marshman, D. D.
John C. Marshman

Father and Son -
Early British Missionary Helpers to William Carey
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Daniel Marshall
Early VA/NC Frontier Preacher

Joseph Marshall, Deacon
Funeral Sermon

M. T. Martin
Early Mississippi Baptist

T. T. Martin
Great Doctrinal Evangelist

Rev. Jasper C. Massee, D. D.
Tennessee Baptist Minister
A History of Tennessee and Tennesseans, 1913

Frank Mariro Masters
KY Baptist Pastor, Educator and Historian

Rev. Charles Hiram Mattoon
Early Oregon Baptist Minister and Historian

Rev. Isaac McCoy
Early Baptist Indian Missionary
There are three bios.

W. H. Ridley
A Man of Vision
By Ben Stratton

Jesse Mercer
Early Georgia Baptist Minister and Leader
Two bios, five CLs and essays.

Thomas Meredith
Early North Carolina Baptist Minister/Editor
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881.

Joseph B. Moody, D. D.
Baptist Minister, Educator and Author

The Abel Morgans
Early Colonial Baptists from Wales
Bio, Circular Letters and two links

Robert Morgan
Early Welsh Baptist Minister

J. S. Murrow
Early Oklahoma Baptist Indian Missionary
By E. C. Routh, 1932

John Myles
Early Welsh and American Baptist Minister
There are two bios.

Memoir of Rev. Samuel Nelson
Colonial Massachusetts Baptist Pastor, 1823

William M. Nevins
Baptist Minister and Author
A short bio & picture

Silas Mercer Noel
There are two bios.

J. Frank Norris
Baptist Pastor and Editor
Six documents

William Dudley Nowlin
Baptist Pastor and Historian
Two bios and his KY Baptist History.

Rev. Thomas Patient
Biographical Sketch of the Baptist Preacher,
Who Visited the American Continent in 1630
By Joshua E. Wills, 1916
A PDF Document.

Bro. Andrew Patrick
The Oldest Baptist Preacher in Kentucky
The Baptist Argus, 1900

Samuel Pearce
There are two bios and a Circular Letter

Memoir of Mr. Richard Pearse
Twenty Year Old Baptist

Memoir of Rev. John Peck
Early New York Baptist Pastor
By Rev. George Eaton, D. D., 1851

John Mason Peck
Frontier Baptist Missionary
There are six bios and an index of his essays.

James Madison Pendleton
There are bios, essays and sermons.

W. E. Penn
Early Baptist Evangelist

John Perry
Early English Baptist Minister

Jesse Peter
Baptist Slave Preacher

A. S. Pettie
Baptist Pastor

A. M. Poindexter
Bio and two essays

John William Porter
Baptist Pastor, Editor and Author
Baptist Biography, 1920

C. H. Powell
Faithful Baptist Member's Obit
The Tennessee Baptist, 1856

Walter E. Powers,
Early KY Pastor / Evangelist

Rev. Evan Probert of Bristol
The Baptist Magazine, 1867

George Ragland
Former FBC Pastor, Lexington, KY
Sermon and Essay

David B. Ray
There are three bios.

James Read
By James B. Taylor, 1859

Joseph Redding
There are three bios.

W. A. Reese Autobiobiography
Kentucky Baptist Pastor

Morgan John Rhees
Early Welsh and American Baptist Minister
Dictionary of National Biography

Rev. John Rice
Early Kentucky Baptist Preacher
The Baptist Encyclopedia 1881

Luther Rice
Early Foreign Missionary Advocate
By James B. Taylor

William Bell Riley
Baptist Pastor, FBC, Minneapolis

Issachar J. Roberts
Early China Missionary
Tennessee Baptist Ministers, 1880

Thomas. Z. Roberts
Boone County (KY) Baptist Inventor

Ezekiel Gilman Robinson
There are two bios and an essay.

Wendell Rone
A Bio, short Autobio, an Essay and Chart.

Martin Ross
Early NC Baptist Minister
Biblical Recorder
By G. W. Paschal, 1924

Reuben Ross
Early Western TN/KY Baptist Pastor
There are two bios.

A. Judson Rowland, D. D.
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881
19th Century Baptist Minister

John Ryland, D. D.
British Baptist Minister

Robert Ryland
An Early African American Baptist Pastor
Three bios and his "History of Richmond Church"

Rev. Alfred Saker
Early British Baptist Missionary to Africa
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

J. A. Scarboro
Baptist Pastor, Author & Editor

Moses Scott
Frontier northern KY Leader
By John Taylor

Perriander C. Scott
Young NKY Baptist preacher
By James A. Kirtley

William Screven
Colonial Baptist Pastor
Two bios.

A. D. Sears
Frontier Baptist Preacher
By John H. Spencer, 1885

Robert B. Semple
Early Virginia Historian
By James B. Taylor

Rev. Joseph Sheppard, A. M.
Colonial New Jersey Baptist Minister
By James E. Welch, 1845

T. T. Shields
Canadian Baptist Fundamentalist Pastor & Leader
Two bios & two articles

Henrietta Hall Shuck
The First Woman Baptist Missionary to China
By Marjorie Dawes

Jehu Lewis Shuck
Early Baptist China Missionary
Virginia Baptist Ministers, Third Series
By George B. Taylor, 1912

Green Clay Smith
Early Kentucky Baptist Minister and Lawyer

Hezekiah Smith
Colonial Baptist Minister
There are two bios.

Elder John Smith
The First Permanent Baptist Pastor in Ohio
Columbia Baptist Church, Cincinnati, OH

John Sparkman
East Texas Pastor
By R. L. Vaughn

John Henderson Spencer
Kentucky Baptist Historian

Charles H. Spurgeon
A Sermon, Essay and Link to many of his sermons

Shubael Stearns
Early Frontier North Carolina Preacher
There are two articles.

C. D. Stevens
Kentucky Baptist Minister and Educator

The Life of the Frontier Preacher John Stevens
Campbell County, Kentucky
By N. Pettit, 1855

Reminscences of Elder Moore Stevenson
By James Whitsitt, 1844

J. Roach Straton
Fundamentalist Baptist Minister in NYC

James Suggett
Frontier Minister in KY & MO

A Memoir of the Rev. John Sutcliff, of Olney, Bucks
British Baptist Minister
Annexed to the Sermon delivered at his Funeral
By Andrew Fuller

Memoir of Rev. Joshua Symonds
British Baptist Pastor
From The Baptist Magazine, 1823

John Tanner
Frontier Kentucky and Missouri Minister
There are five documents.

Carter Tarrant
Early Baptist Emancipationist
Autobiography, short bio and History book.

Biography of Elder Alfred Taylor
Written and compiled by his son,
William Carey Taylor, Sr., 1878

Elder A. S. Taylor
Graves County, KY

Edwin Ray Taylor
Western Kentucky Baptist Minister

H. Boyce Taylor
Western Kentucky Pastor, Editor and Leader
There are thirteen documents.

John Taylor: Frontier Baptist Preacher
There are five bios and three of his books.

Jesse B. Thomas, D. D.
Baptist Minister and Educator

Calvin Miles Thompson
Kentucky Baptist Minister, Editor & Leader

Isaac Taylor Tichenor, D. D.
Early Baptist Minister and Educator
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Isaac Totevine
Early Tennessee Baptist Preacher

Andrew Tribble
Frontier Baptist Preacher
By J. H. Spencer

Life Sketch of George W. Truett
Texas Baptist Pastor

Henry Holcombe Tucker, D. D., LL. D.
Baptist Editor and Minister
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Edward Upham
Colonial Baptist Minister

Jeremiah Vardeman
KY & MO Frontier Baptist Preacher

Memoir of Joshua Vaughan
Baptist Minister in Pennsylvania
By A. D. Gillette, 1846

William Vaughan
Kentucky Frontier Baptist Minister
Two bios and an essay

Moses Vickers
Early Northern KY Baptist Minister
By J. H. Spencer

Clarence Walker
Lexington, Kentucky Pastor
Picture, Obit and Funeral Sermon -- 1968

Edmund Waller
Early Kentucky Baptist Minister

George Waller
Kentucky Frontier Baptist Minister
Two bios and a letter.

John Waller
Frontier Baptist Preacher
There are two bios.

John L.[ightfoot] Waller
Early Baptist Pastor and Editor
Two documents

William C. Warfield
By Samuel H. Ford
The Christian Repository, 1856

Biographical Sketch of Elder Walter Warden
of Mays Lick, Kentucky
The Baptist Memorial and Monthly Record, 1845

Joseph Warder, D.D.
Kentucky Baptist Minister

Henry Eugene Watters
A Principal of the Hall-Moody Institute
A History of Tennessee and Tennesseans, 1913.

Francis Wayland
The Baptist Encyclopedia
Early Baptist Minister and Educator

Welch, Bartholomew T.
Early 19th Century Baptist Minister

James Ely Welch
Early Missouri Baptist Missionary
Thee are two bios.

Life and Character of the Rev. Peter Werden
Early Massachusetts Baptist Pastor
By John Leland

James Whitsitt
Tennessee Frontier Baptist Minister
Three bios + one document.

William H. Whitsitt
Controversial Baptist

Rev. Alvin Peter Williams, D.D.
Early Missouri Frontier Baptist Minister
There are two bios.

Rev. Joseph Willis
Pioneer Louisiana Baptist Minister
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

John S. Willson
Pastor of the First Baptist Church
Louisville, Kentucky
By S.H. Ford

Rev. Samuel Wilson
Formerly Pastor of the Church
in Goodman's Fields, London

John Henry Wood
Nineteenth Century British
Baptist Minister and Historian
The Baptist Handbook for 1896

W. A. M. Wood
Kentucky Baptist
Minister and Missionary

W. Pope Yeaman
Baptist Minister and Educator

American Baptist Missionary Report
"Abstract of the 33rd Annual Report"
From the Tennessee Baptist newspaper, 1847

Early Baptist Missionaries to China
Eleven missionaries + five essays.

The American Baptist Ministry of One Hundred Years Ago
The Baptist Quarterly, 1875
By John A. Broadus,

Biographical Sketches of the Pastors
of Grassy Creek Baptist Church (NC)

By Robert I. Devin, 1880
There are seventeen bios.

Sandy Creek Association Bios
A History of the Sandy Creek Baptist Association
By Elder George W. Purefoy

Biographies of Early Pastors of Elkhorn Baptist Association
J. H. Spencer's History of Kentucky Baptists

Biographies of Early Pastors of Long Run Association
A History of Kentucky Baptists
By J. H. Spencer, 1886

Early Prominent Leaders of the Northbend Baptist Association
Spencer's History of Kentucky Baptists
There are seven.

Prominent Baptists in Southwestern Ohio
in the Early 19th Century

By A. H. Dunlevy, 1869

Early Baptist Preachers in Virginia
History of Baptists in Virginia
By Robert B. Semple, 1894

Missouri Baptist Biographies
By Robert S. Duncan, 1882
[Sixty-seven bios here]

Early British Bios
J. M. Cramp's Baptist History
There are twenty-two bios.

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