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W. W. Gardner

Rev. W. W. Gardner, D.D. (1818-1894) was a Kentucky pastor and educator. He was licensed to preach by Mount Gilead Baptist Church, Allensville, KY in 1838. He pastored several churches and served as professor of Theology at Bethel College, (Russellville) KY for 12 years.

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The Heathen Lost without the Gospel
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W. W. Gardner wrote: Bible Inspiration: Plenary and Verbal,
originally published by the American Baptist Publication Society, 1884.
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Bro. Gardner also wrote Missles of Truth in 1883; he includes: Remission of Sins, Faith and Baptism, The Indentity of Apostolic Churches and the Administrator of Baptism. It is 304 pages and has been reprinted.

Gardner also wrote: "Church Communion, as Practiced by the Baptists, Explained and Defended."

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