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John L.[ightfoot] Waller
Early Kentucky Baptist Minister and Editor
John Lightfoot Waller
Kentucky Baptist Minister and Editor
By J. E. Farnam
Annals of the American Pulpit: Baptist, 1860

John L. Waller
By Samuel H. Ford, 1900
(Concerning Waller's Opinion of J. R. Graves)

Rev. John Lightfoot Waller
The Baptist Argus, 1897

John L. Waller Bio
History of the Ohio Falls Cities, 1882

"The Dead Speak" - A Sermon
by Rev. John L. Waller, 1851
Editor of the Western Baptist Review

Letters to a Reformer, alias Campbellite
By John L. Waller
From the Tennessee Baptist, 1855
There are seven

John L. Waller on Matthew 16:18

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