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William J. McGlothlin
Historian and Educator

William J. McGlothlin
Baptist Historian and Educator

Kentucky Baptists, The Seminary, and “Alien Immersion”
By W. J. McGlothlin, D.D., 1908

The Minister and his Books
By W. J. McGlothlin, Ph.D., 1910

W. J. McGlothlin was Editor:
Publications of Kentucky Baptist Publication Society, 1910
I. Sketch of the Life and Times of William Hickman, Sr.
by W. P Harvey, D.D.
II. Subscription Paper of South Elkhorn Baptist Church, 1798.
III. A History of the Western Baptist Theological Institute of Covington, Ky.
by W.C. James, Th.D.

Publications of the Kentucky Baptist Historical Society, 1911
I. The Revival of 1800-l by Rev. O. Olin Greene
II. The Laying On of Hands - A Forgotten Chapter in Baptist History
by W. J. McGlothlin, D.D.
III. Doctrinal Position of Some Kentucky Baptist Associations - Original Confessions.

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