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J. H. Anderson Bio
Early KY & TN Baptist Minister
     Elder J. H. Anderson, who now resides at Watertown, Tenn., is of Scotch-Irish extraction. He is of medium height, rather heavy of build, and light complexion. He is the son of J. M. and Martha Ann (Crawford) Anderson. He was born in Logan County, Kentucky, January 9, 1849, and was brought up on a farm. He made profession at Wartrace Church, Robertson County, Tennessee, September 25, 1865, joined the church at Springfield, Tenn., in June, 1867, and was baptized by Elder F. C. Plaster. He was ordained in Springfield Church, 1874, by Elders William Shelton, Sr., W. D. Phillips, W. A. Nelson, G. W. Featherston, W. B. Adams, J. H. Butler, W. C. Shannon and W. P. D. Clark. He has served the following churches as pastor, and probably in the following
[p. 437]
order: Springfield, New Bethel, Rutlands, Bell Buckle, Laguardo, Leeville, Rocky Valley, Hartsville, Third Church, Nashville, Tenn., Owenton, Ky., Round Lick, Shop Spring and Woodbury. The three latter he serves now. He was secretary of state missions in Tennessee for six years. He is a busy man and has baptized and married a great many, but kept no record. He was educated in Liberty Academy, Springfield, Tenn., and Union University, Murfreesboro, Tenn., with one year in S. B. Theological Seminary. He was editor for some time of The Missionary Baptist, published at Nashville, Tenn. He was married
[p. 438]
to Mrs. E. V. Mason in July, 1883, by whom he has five children, four boys and one girl.

[From John Harvey Grime, History of Middle Tennessee Baptists: with Special Reference to . . ., 1902, pp. 436-438. Document from Google Books.]


     Elder J. H. Anderson held a meeting at the Rutland Baptist Church, Wilson County, Tennessee, in September, 1882. Elder Rutherford Brett, who now resides at Huntsville, Ala., made a profession of faith at his home. He united with said church the same evening and was baptized by Bro. Anderson. He was ordained in June, 1889, by Elders J. H. Anderson, G. M. Savage, J. P. Gilliam, J. S. Rice and E. Stilwell. [Grime, 442-443]


     Additional info:
     According to the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary catalogs there was a J. H. Anderson from Springfield, TN who attended the seminary during the 1877-1878 session. That was the seminary's first session after relocating to Louisville, KY. J. H. Anderson took the following courses: Junior Hebrew (taught by Crawford Howell Toy), New Testament Interpretation (taught by John A. Broadus), and Homiletics (taught by John A. Broadus). During that time period, students graduated from individual schools within the seminary and J. H. Anderson graduated from each of the schools in which he took classes.

     In Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: The First Thirty Years John R. Sampey reported the following information about John Henry Anderson

Born: Logan County, Ky. January 9, 1849
Schools Attended Before SBTS: Union University and Bethel College
Ordained: Springfield, TN. September, 1874
Pastored: Springfield, New Bethel, Rutland, Rock Valley, La Guardo, Leeville, Bell Buckle, Hartsville, Third Baptist of Nashville
Denominational Service: Secretary of State Mission in Tennessee, July 1887 - Time of Publication (1890)
[From Steve Jones, SBTS Library Archives.]

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