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Frank Mariro Masters
Baptist Pastor, Educator and Historian
      Frank Mariro Masters was born on July 28, 1870 in Franklin County, Texas. He was educated at Calhoun College, Oklahoma Baptist University, and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He served as pastor, college president and denominational worker in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kentucky; author of State Mission Catechism, History of the Ohio Valley Association of Kentucky, History of Bethel Association of Kentucky and A History of Baptists in Kentucky in 1953.

      While pastor at Sturgis, KY, Masters, along with several other pastors, was appointed a committee to write a 40th Anniversary History of the Little Union Baptist association in 1928.

      Masters was pastor of First Baptist Church, Russellville, KY and President of Bethel Baptist College, Russellville. He served as moderator of the Bethel Baptist Association from 1934-1943. He later was the first President of Mid-Continent Baptist College, Mayfield, KY.

      Masters, along with many other pastors sat on a council that helped constitute the Midway Baptist Church, Caldwell County, KY in 1949.


[From Frank Masters, A History of Baptists in Kentucky, 1953, p. 128; passim. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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