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Basil Manly

The Two Manlys: Basil, Sr. and Basil, Jr.
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Rev. Basil Manly, D.D.
Biblical Recorder, 1886

Circular Letter
The Tuscaloosa Baptist Association (AL), 1849

by Rev. Basil Manly, D.D.
Transcript of a Sermon
Pleasant Grove Bapist Church
Fayette County, AL, 1849

*** If God has no need of human learning, he has still less need of human ignorance. (Basil Manly, Jr.) ***

Basil Manly, Jr.
Early Baptist Minister and Educator
Virginia Baptist Ministers, Fourth Series
By George B. Taylor, 1913

Materials for Baptist History
By Basil Manly, Jr.
American Baptist Memorial, 1856

Halting on This Side of Jordan, Or, Shall
Your Brethren Go to War, and Shall Ye Sit There?

By Rev. B. Manly, Jr., D.D., Greenville, SC

Perspicuity in the Preaching and Pietistic
Thought of Basil Manly, Jr.

By Roger D. Duke
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The Baptist Psalmody: A Selection of Hymns for the Worship of God, 1870.
Basil Manly and Basel Manly, Jr. - A Link

The Bible Doctrine of Inspiration Explained and Vindicated, 1888.
Basil Manly, Jr. - A Link

Basil Manly, Jr. Gravemarker
Louisville, Kentucky
The inscription reads:
Born at Edgefield Dist., S. C.
Dec. 19, 1825
Died at Louisville, Ky.
Jan. 31, 1892
He served his own generation
by the will of God

[Photo provided by Jerry Evans, Shepherdsville, KY]

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