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     "Truth has always been unpalatable to the world and always will be so till the carnal heart ceases to be at enmity with God." [T. T. Eaton] - From “The Diffusion of Our Denominational Literature” - Ford’s Christian Repository, March 1880, p. 189.

Thomas Treadwell Eaton
Baptist Leader
Virginia Baptist Ministers, 1915.

Elder T. T. Eaton, D.D., LL.D.
By Ben M. Bogard

Thomas Treadwell Eaton
Baptist Pastor and Historian
The Southern Baptist Pulpit, 1895

Portions of An Address Delivered at Saratoga, New York
By T. T. Eaton
Religious Herald, June 24, 1880

What Constitutes A Sermon?
By T. T. Eaton, 1886

How to Behave As A Church Member
By T. T. Eaton, D.D., LL. D., 1901

Thou Shalt not Commit Adultery
A Discourse
By T. T. Eaton, D.D.

The Theatre and its Influence
By Rev. T. T. Eaton, D. D.

The Western Recorder
Kentucky's Major Baptist Newspaper, 1887
New Editor

Why the Bible and Not Other Standards
By T. T. Eaton, 1900

Why Study The Bible?
By T. T. Eaton, D.D. L.L.D.
Baptist and Reflector, 1900

The Bible on Women's Public Speaking
By Thomas Treadwell Eaton, 1895

Did they Dip? Introduction
By T. T. Eaton, 1896

What is Baptism?
By T. T. Eaton, 1900

Defense of the Philadelphia Confession of Faith
By T. T. Eaton, 1900

Baptist History Vindicated - "Introduction"
By T. T. Eaton, 1899

Dr. Jeter and the Second Baptist Church in Richmond, Va.
From The Baptist newspaper, 1873
By T. T. Eaton

Sanctification as Taught in the Bible
T. T. Eaton, D.D., LL.D.

T. T. Eaton is Dead
Editoral - Western Recorder, 1907

Resolutions on Death of Dr. T. T. Eaton
Elkhorn Baptist Association, 1907

T. T. Eaton Resolution [At his death], 1907
By the Northbend Baptist Association (KY)

Faith and The Faith
By T. T. Eaton, 1906

Talks on Getting Married
By T. T. Eaton

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