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     Editor's note: There is conflicting information in these bios. - Jim Duvall

Henry Ireland Buckner
Baptist Indian Missionary
By Samuel H. Ford, 1859

Henry F. Buckner
Minister - Indian Missionary
By J. H. Spencer, 1885

H. F. Buckner
Early American Baptist Indian Missionary
By E. C. Routh, 1932

Miscellaneous information:

      From The Baptist newspaper, October 6, 1877: "H. F. Buckner, our Indian missionary, was elected as moderator of the Muskoke Association, which convened at Big Arbor, Creek Nation, September 5th. He has been elected moderator at every meeting since its organization in 1854, a period of twenty-six years."

      From The Baptist newspaper, November 3, 1877: "Dr. Buckner, our Indian missionary, affirms it as his belief that there is a smaller portion of the Cherokee Indians unable to read than among the people of the adjoining States of Arkansas and Missouri."

      In March of this same year [1845] the General Association sent Elder H. F. Buckner to labor in the territory of the [Greenup] Association. He was cordially received. He was requested to take collections for the General Association, and each church was advised to appoint a solicitor of funds for that purpose. After two years' labor in this great destitute section, Elder Buckner left Kentucky for his life work among the Creek Indians in the West. (Masters, History of Baptists in Kentucky, 1953, p. 314.)

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