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Portrait of John Gano baptizing George Washington
[Hanging at William Jewell College Library, Liberty, MO.]

     He went everywhere to further Baptist interests. He had a fund of energy greater than most men, and an intellect which could grasp any subject. He was regarded in his day as "a star of the first magnitude," "a prince among the hosts of Israel," "a burning and a shining light, and many rejoiced in his light." -- The Baptist Encyclopedia
      Speaking of John Gano, David Rice, the early Kentucky Presbyterian missionary and historian, wrote in his Memoirs: "I heard him with great avidity and satisfaction. He appeared to preach the gospel in its native simplicity with honest intention to promote the glory of God and the good of men. . . . To me he appeared as one of the ancient Puritans risen from the dead." -- (J. H. Spencer, A History of Kentucky Baptists)
     In 1798, he had his shoulder broken by a fall from his horse. Before he recovered from this, he had a paralytic stroke, which deprived him of the power of speech. From this he so far recovered as to be able to preach. During the "Great Revival," it is said, he preached in an "astonishing manner." While Elkhorn Association was much agitated by the appearance of Arianism in some of the churches, about the year 1803, Mr. Gano was carried to Lexington, and assisted into the pulpit, where he preached a masterly discourse on the Deity of Christ, which was thought to have a salutary effect in checking the spread of that baleful heresy. -- (Spencer, p. 126)
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Philadelphia Baptist Association, 1784

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History of the City of New York: Its Origin, Rise and Progress,
Mrs Burton Harrison and Martha Joanna Lamb, 1896

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