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J. N. (John Nelson) Hall
Early Western Kentucky Baptist Minister and Editor
Elder J. N. Hall Memoirs
By W. M. Barker
Assisted by Mrs. J. N. Hall

J. N. Hall
By Ben M. Bogard, 1900

Gleanings from The Baptist Flag
By John N. Hall 1849 – 1905

J. H. Grime Letter about J. N. Hall
About the SBC and the Formation of the ABA
Written in 1908

The State of the Dead
By J. N. Hall, 1898

Reason Why I Believe the Bible Was Inspired and Given By God
(Last Sermon of John Newton Hall)
As Noted by J. A. Scarboro

Rev. J. N. Hall Dies At Home in Fulton, KY
Paducah Sun, December 4, 1905

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