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. . . "she endeared herself by a thousand acts of kindness and love."
Miss Binie Calloway
Faithful Young Baptist Lady
Henry County, Kentucky
The Christian Repository, 1861

      Miss Binie Calloway, daughter of James and Cindrella Calloway, near Smithfield, Henry County, Kentucky, in the 26th year of her age.

      This young sister joined the East Fork Baptist Church in the year 1848, and was baptized by the pastor, Brother E. G. Berry. Although she was young when she gave her heart to the blessed Saviour she never forgot her covenant vows, but continued to serve God faithfully up to the period of her death. She was indeed the pride of the home circle, endeavoring at all times to promote the happiness of each and every one. Her untimely death will be lamented by a large circle of relations who loved her very dearly, besides many dear friends to whom she endeared herself by a thousand acts of kindness and love. None were ever more cordially greeted than her in the sick chamber, where she acted in the capacity of a good Samaritan. In this particular her neighbors will feel their loss.

      Her social qualities were of a high order, endowed naturally with a disposition to make every one feel happy around her. But as a Christian she developed the traits of true womanhood, never neglecting the house of God, like too many, for trivial excuses. She delighted in the songs of Zion, and her bright and lustrous countenance became doubly bright as the truth as it is in Jesus was dispensed by the servant of God. Her illness was of several weeks continuance, and severe from the first - the most malignant form of diphtheria. She bore her sufferings like a Christian. She expressed herself, from the first, to her friends, that she would die, and earnestly requested the writer, on one occasion, to pray to the Lord that she might be restored, but the will of the Lord was her will; and, as she neared the banks of the River of Death, she seemed to behold her "sweet Jesus,” and sank into his loving arms. “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” May the blessed Lord and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ visit this dear family by his Holy Spirit and grace, and may they all be prepared, as Binie was, to die in peace, and meet together around the great white throne, is the prayer of the writer.

          Written by W. W. Foree, Ballardsville, Ky. December 18th, 1860.


[From Samuel H. Ford, The Christian Repository , 1861, p. 161. Scanned and formated by Jim Duvall.]

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