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H. Boyce Taylor
Western Kentucky Pastor, Editor and Leader
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The Life of H. Boyce Taylor
by Elder Roy O. Beaman, Murray, Ky.
Five Chapters

A Prince in Israel is Fallen
By T. P. Simmons, 1932

A Memory of H. Boyce Taylor
By Victor I. Masters, 1939

H. Boyce Taylor
By Ben Stratton

Lord, do it again
'Vision 1930' brought astonishing results for the kingdom

By Ben Stratton

H. Boyce Taylor and the 1917 Flu Epidemic
By R. Charles Blair

Evils of the Mourner’s Bench
By H. B. Taylor, Sr.

The Revival Needed Among Baptists
By H. B. Taylor, Sr.

Alexander Campbell's Comments on Baptist History
Why Be A Baptist?

Commending Books of Dr. Boyce Taylor
Western Recorder, 1941

Letters to News and Truth Newspaper

Christ's Death And Damnable Heresy
By H. Boyce Taylor, Sr.

Deeds Done In The Body
By H. B. Taylor, Sr.

Immodest Dress
By H. B. Taylor, Sr.

Monument for H. B. Taylor

A Gravemarker for H. B. Taylor

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