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Rev. Thomas Meredith
Early North Carolina Baptist Minister / Editor
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881
     Rev. Thomas Meredith was beyond question the ablest man who has yet appeared among the Baptists of North Carolina, and as the founder, and for nineteen years the editor, of the Biblical Recorder, probably did more to develop the denomination than any man who has ever lived in the State. Mr. Meredith was born in Pennsylvania in 1797; came to North Carolina as pastor of the Newbern church in 1820; removed to Georgia in 1822; settled as pastor in Edenton, N. C., in 1825; originated the Baptist Interpreter in 1832, which was changed to the Biblical Recorder in 1834; removed to Newbern in 1835, and was pastor as well as editor till 1838, when he removed to Raleigh, and taught a female school in connection with editorial labors.

     Mr. Meredith was the author of the constitution of the North Carolina Baptist State Convention, and of the masterly address of that body when organized in 1830. He was elected a Professor of Mathematics in Wake Forest College in 1835, but did not accept the position. He died in Raleigh in 1851. As an editor, he was the equal of any man in the United States in his day.


[William Cathcart, editor, The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881, p. 785. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

     Samuel H. Ford says of Meredith, he: ". . . fought with dignity and power the fierce onset of Alexander Campbell, and was universally recognized as one of the very first men among the Baptists of his day. . . ."
[Ford's Christian Repository and Home Circle magazine, 1888, p. 119.]

Thomas Meredith vs the Campbellites in NC

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