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Gail E. Terrell, Ph.D.
Ohio Baptist Pastor and Educator
By Gail Terrell, Jr., 2022

      Dr. Gail Terrell was a mentor to many Christians around the world because of his love for learning and his devotion to teaching others. “Though blessed with exceptional academic skills, his selfless humility was evident to all who knew him. He was the genuine article,” says life-long friend Dr. David Pitman, Pastor of Addyston Baptist Church.

      Dr. Terrell graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Ph.D. in interdisciplinary studies, a M.Ed. in science and mathematics, a M.B.A in marketing, and a B.S in chemical engineering. He earned a Doctor of Theology and a Master of Divinity form Cincinnati Baptist College, and was awarded a Doctor of Ministry from Liberty University posthumously. Dr. Terrell was often referred to as a “professional student” because of his love for learning, but perhaps his greatest gift was his desire to teach others and see them succeed. He felt his greatest calling was to glorify the Lord and share God’s Word with others.

      His love for teaching led him and Dr. Chester Ratliff to found Temple Baptist College in Springdale, Ohio. Temple was a college of arts and sciences, and the school’s motto was “An education without God is no education at all.” He served as president of the college from its inception until 1985, and was responsible for the total operation of the college from teaching to managing the finances. From 1985 until 2001, he also taught math, science, and religion classes to grades 9-12 at Landmark Christian School in Evendale. Ohio.

      Dr. Terrell pastored Grace Baptist Church in Fairfield Township, Ohio for seventeen years from 1986-2003. He hosted many conferences at Grace Baptist church focusing on Baptist History and Creation during his time there. Many of the sermons from those conferences are available at, and many of his creation tracts and presentations are available at

      He presented scientific creationism in debates with evolutionists from various colleges and universities. He appeared on TV programs defending scientific creationism as the most scientific explanation of ultimate origins. He spoke numerous times at churches presenting these truths of God’s creation to all who would listen. Dr. Terrell wrote several tracts on many topics including: “What happens when you die?” “What you believe makes a difference,” “Up from Ape or Down from Adam - Anthropology and the Bible.” As well as many others. These tracts, as well as audio and videos are available on the websites and managed by his son, Gail Terrell, Jr.

      Dr. Terrell worked ten years in the chemical industry and accumulated over thirty-one years of teaching at Cincinnati Baptist College, Temple Baptist College, and Landmark Christian School. He influenced many people in his lifetime, by his teaching and pastoring.

      Research of his former students and colleagues indicates at one point there were over fifty churches in twelve states that had pastors or leaders in churches who had been influenced tremendously by Dr. Terrell. His love for the Lord was his passion and purpose in his life, and only because of the Lord was he able to accomplish so much in his short fifty-nine years of life.


[From Gail Terrell, Jr., 2022. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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