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Rev. Joseph W. Warder, D.D.
Baptist Minister
      Rev. Joseph W. Warder, D.D., was born October 13, 1825, in Logan county, Kentucky. His father was a successful minister, and his mother a woman of great piety. Governor Charles S. Morehead was a maternal uncle, and his father dying while he was in his boyhood, the Governor attended to the education of his nephew, and also met himself the necessary expenses. In 1845 he graduated at Georgetown College, as valedictorian. While in college, he was converted, joined the Baptist Church, and was licensed to preach. For a year after his graduation, he taught in the preparatory department of the same college, and was elected professor of mathematics, but refused the place to attend Newton Theological Seminary in Boston. After spending some time at Princeton, New Jersey, he graduated at Newton in 1849, and was soon ordained to the ministry. At first he was pastor of the Frankfort Baptist church, but succeeding this served as pastor in several different places, and in 1875 accepted a position with the church on Fourth and Walnut streets, Louisville. He was married in 1851, to Miss Elizabeth S. Tureman, of Maysville, Kentucky. They have seven children living. Dr. Warder's life has been a laborious one, but at the same time an exemplary one, and his popularity and evident success are no more than his work deserves.

      [Note: William Warder (his father ?) was pastor of FBC, Russellville and wrote the Bethel Association Circular Letter for 1831 and was appointed as one of the Trustees for the Education Society at the Bethel Baptist Association (Logan County) in 1835.]

[From History of the Ohio Falls Cities and Their Counties, 1882, Volume I, p. 376. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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