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     ". . . Job's words came to him, and soon created the same resolution in him, 'Though he slay me yet will I trust him;' and the words of Esther intensified his purpose, 'If I perish, I perish,' but I must go to Jesus; and driven by his sins, and attracted by the redeeming power of the Lamb, he trusted Christ for the full salvation of his soul, and soon his guilt and fears were removed." - The Baptist Encyclopedia
     ". . . Fuller lacked formal education beyond the basics of reading and writing, but a passion for reading enabled him to become the leading Baptist theologian of his day." - Michael A. G. Haykin in Expositor, 2015.

Memoirs of Andrew Fuller
[From The Complete Works of Andrew Fuller]

The Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation
By Andrew Fuller, 1786

Andrew Fuller's Confession of Faith
Delivered on the occasion of his installation as pastor
of the First Baptist Church at Kettering, October 7, 1783

The Duty to Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ
By Andrew Fuller, 1783

On The Connection Between Repentance Toward God,
and Faith Toward Our Lord Jesus Christ

By Andrew Fuller

Andrew Fuller's Address on Opening a Baptist Chapel
The Baptist Magazine, 1813

Report of Andrew Fuller on the Progress
of the Baptist Mission Work

The Baptist Magazine, 1813

Review of J.W. Morris' Memoirs of Andrew Fuller
The American Baptist Magazine, 1830

Letter of Rev. Andrew Fuller, Hitherto Unpublished
The Baptist Magazine, July, 1867

Andrew Fuller
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Andrew Fuller
A History of the English Baptists
By A. C. Underwood, D. D.

Andrew Fuller, The Theologian
Baptist Worthies
By William Landels, D.D., 1883

Andrew Fuller
A Short History of the Baptists
By Henry C. Vedder, 1907

Issues in England Leading to the
First Foreign Baptist Missionary Appointment

By J. M. Cramp D. D.

Ordination Sermon by Mr. Fuller
I Timothy iv:15, 16.

Andrew Fuller's View of Church History
"Let a church history of our own times be
written on the principles of that of Mosheim..."

Andrew Fuller as an Old Testament Exegete
By Andrew Hunt

The late Rev. A. Fuller on “Simplicity of Arrangement”
The Columbian Star and Christian Index, 1829

CIRCULAR LETTERS written by Andrew Fuller
Northamptonshire Baptist Association
There are ten.

Some SERMONS by Andrew Fuller
There are twenty-eight.

Systematic Divinity - Nine Letters
By Andrew Fuller

On the Sonship of Christ
By Andrew Fuller

The Deity of Christ
By Andrew Fuller

State of the Baptist Churches in Northhamptonshire
By Andrew Fuller, 1814

An Essay on Truth
Containing an Inquiry into its Nature and Importance, with
the Causes of Error and the Reasons of its being Permitted
By Andrew Fuller

The Unpardonable Sin
An Essay by Andrew Fuller

Importance of A Lively Faith,
Especially in Missionary Operations

By Andrew Fuller

Andrew Fuller on Unitarianism
By Nathan Finn, 2012

Three Letters Written on Strict Communion
By Andrew Fuller

A Letter from the Late Rev. Andrew Fuller
To a Young Minister in Prospect of Ordination

Kettering, August 30, 1815

A Memoir of Joseph Fuller
By Andrew Fuller
The Baptist Magazine, 1813

Reviews of Tributes on the Death of Andrew Fuller
The Baptist Magazine, 1815

Verses on the Death of the Rev. Andrew Fuller, of Kettering

The Baptist Magazine, 1815

A Memoir of the Rev. Andrew Fuller
Secretary to the Baptist Missionary Society
Lately Deceased.
From The Baptist Magazine, July, 1815

Obituary of Rev. Andrew Fuller
From The Baptist Magazine, 1815

An Elegy on the Late Rev. Andrew Fuller
The Baptist Magazine, 1815

Andrew Fuller Gravestone Inscription
[From The Complete Works of Andrew Fuller]

Samuel Pearce Memoirs
By Andrew Fuller

The Perpetual Intercession of Christ for His Church,
A Source of Consolation, Under the Loss of Useful Ministers

To the Memory of the late Rev. Andrew Fuller
By Joseph Ivimey, 1815

Discipline of the English and Scottish Baptist Churches
[Extracts from two letters to Mr. M'Lean, in 1796.]

Andrew Fuller's Response to the "Modern Question" -
A Reappraisal of The Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation

by Gerald L. Priest

The Andrew Fuller System
By David Benedict, 1860

Epitaph on the Late Andrew Fuller
From The Baptist Magazine, 1817

Obituary of Mrs. Andrew (Anne) Fuller, 1825

Andrew Fuller's Works
Article from The Baptist newspaper, 1849

A. D. Sears
A Frontier Baptist Preacher Influenced by Andrew Fuller
By John H. Spencer, 1885

Andrew Fuller
By William Gadsby

A List of The Writings of Andrew Fuller

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The Life and Death of Rev. Andrew Fuller
By John Ryland, 1818.
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Andrew Fuller, A Letter About
Dr. Carey and The Baptist Magazine

April 1, 1815
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Comments on Andrew Fuller
By Michael Haykin
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"A Dull Flint": Andrew Fuller - Rope-Holder,
Critic of Hyper-Calvinism & Missionary Poneeer

By Michael Haykin
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