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Kentucky Baptist Minister and Teacher

Buell H. Kazee
A short Biography
By Stan Williams, 2004

Buell Kazee
Pastor & Folk Singer
The Kentucky Baptist Heritage Journal
By Loyal Jones, 1994

Faith is the Victory
By Buell H. Kazee, 1951

A Reprint of Faith is the Victory is available in a large-print paperback edition.
It can be requested through John Leland Baptist College (courtesy of Jerald Manley).

The Church and the Ordinances
A 12-Chapter Book

      "Here is a most timely contribution to the current discussion among Baptists on the church and the ordinances. The author, mellowed by long experience and serious study, avoids the pitfalls of others arguing for the same position. The book is masterly written, putting profound insights into simple, clear language. One does not have to agree with the author's conclusion to learn from this book, but those who disagree must reckon with his arguments before closing the case."
      C. R. Daley, Editor, Western Recorder, 1965.

There are seven.
Saved or Deceived, Which?
Pray Through What?
I Know Your Greatest Sin!
The Bible, The Judgment and You!
Why Baptists Cannot Unionize with Others
Thoughts on the Doctrine of Election
The Christian and Social Dancing

Buell Kazee on Historians
From The Church and the Ordinances

Essays by Buell Kazee
in the Western Recorder, 1939-1942
The Kentucky Baptist State Paper
[There are 20.]

"Your Life in the Light of Death"
A booklet previously unpublished -
written just before his death.

A Visit to Magoffin Baptist Institute
Salyersville, KY, 1933
By Buell H. Kazee

Morehead [KY] Baptists Are Increasing
By Buell H. Kazee
Western Recorder, 1931

Morehead Baptists Appreciate the Labors
of Ex-Pastor Buell H. Kazee

Western Recorder, 1953

The World in the Church
Grace Baptist Church, Fairborn, OH, 1959

The Church in the World
Grace Baptist Church, Fairborn, OH, 1960


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Seek the Lord
A Sermon by Buell Kazee
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False Standards
A Sermon by Buell Kazee
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Moral vs. Spiritual Religion
A Sermon by Buell Kazee
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A Bio of B. H. Kazee - Banjo Player
With Some Tunes

      Comments from author Frank M. Masters in, A History of Baptists in Kentucky, 1953.

      1938 - The General Association of Baptists in Kentucky - The song service was conducted by Pastor Buell Kazee of Morehead Baptist Church. [p. 529]
      1944 - J. W. Black, General Secretary, presented the following State Missionaries, who spoke briefly of their fields of labor: Buell H. Kazee .... [p. 540]
      In 1950 Missionary F. C. Tuttle held a tent meeting in Frenchburg, KY which resulted in constituting a Baptist Church on September 3, designated the Missionary Baptist Church at Frenchburg. Among members of the Council was: .... Buell Kazee, Morehead. [p. 570]

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