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     On Jesse Holman's arrival in Indiana in 1811:
      "I had a small feather bed and some blankets which I had used while preparing my habitation. I scraped the snow from a part of the floor, and there laid the bed, and folded my wife and her babe in the blankets, then laid them on the bed, and wrapped it over them - cheered and encouraged the dear woman with the assurance that she should have all the comforts it was in my power to give - gave her lips and her heart all the warmth my kisses could impart - then secured my horses and sought the nearest habitation." Sketch by John M. Peck

Sketch of the Late Hon. and Rev. Jesse L. Holman
of Dearborn County, Indiana

By John M. Peck, 1842

Jesse Holman
Indiana Baptist History
By W. T. Stott, 1908

Two Hymns by Jesse L. Holman
Hymns, Psalms and Spiritual Songs
Absalom Graves, editor, 1825
Boone County, Kentucky

Jesse L. Holman's Hymns
Baptist Hymn Writers and Their Hymns
By Henry S. Burrage, 1888

Spiritual Decline and the Need for Revival
Circular Letter, 1823
By Jesse L. Holman
Laughery Baptist Association

Let Your Light Shine
Circular Letter, 1832
By Jesse L. Holman
Laughery Baptist Association

      Jesse Holman wrote two Circular Letters for the Northbend Baptist Association (NKY), the association with which his church aligned until there were enough Baptist churches in southern Indiana to form an association. He wrote many of the CLs for the Laughry Baptist Association of southern Indiana; some of his Circulars may be accessed below. - Jim Duvall     

Circular Letter of Northbend Baptist Association, 1813

Circular Letter of Northbend Baptist Association, 1818

Indiana Circular Letters Index

William S. Holman
The son of Jesse Holman
By W. T. Stott

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