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Early Kentucky Baptist Minister and Leader

     "I saw Dr. Noel, a fine looking man, somewhat inclined to corpulency, and as competent to say a good deal in few words as almost any man I have seen." - J. M. Pendleton, 1887

Silas Mercer Noel
By J. H. Spencer, 1885

Silas Mercer Noel
By Frederick W. Eberhardt, D. D., 1913

Silas M. Noel
Baptist Minister and Editor
By John Taylor
A History of Ten Churches, 1823

Silas M. Noel, D.D.
Early KY Baptist Minister
By J. N. Bradley, 1876

Franklin Baptist Association
Circular Letter, 1828
A Defence of Closed Communion
By Silas M. Noel, Moderator

Franklin Baptist Association
Circular Letter, 1830
Teachings of Campbellism
By Silas M. Noel

Franklin Association of Baptists
Circular Letter, 1833
A Time of Crisis in Doctrine
By S. M. Noel

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