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Rev. Miner G. Clarke
Early New England Baptist Minister
      Mr. Clarke, who had served as secretary of the New York State Missionary Convention from 1870-1874, was born in Woodstock, Connecticut, December 9, 1809, and was a descendant of Rev. John Clarke, who founded the First Baptist Church of Newport, R. I. He graduated at Newton in 1837; was pastor at Suffield, Conn., Grafton, Mass., Norwich, Conn., Springfield, Mass., Williamsburg, Borough of Brooklyn, N. Y.; and for five years pastor of the Tabernacle Church, Philadelphia. In 1856, he moved to Indianapolis, where he established a Baptist paper called "The Witness," which he conducted with admirable skill for six years. For a time he was financial secretary of Chicago University.

      His last public service was as secretary of the State Missionary Convention, which position he filled with acceptance and ability. Several church edifices attest his skill as a builder, and he is remembered as an eloquent preacher and as a sympathetic and wise pastor. He died at Geneva, Illinois, September 18th, 1881.


[From Charles W. Brooks, A Century of Missions in the Empire State - , Chapter 16, pp. 194-95, 1909. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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