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Pillars of Orthodoxy,

Pillars of Orthodoxy,
or Defenders of the Faith
Ben M. Bogard, editor, 1900



[p. 7]
CHAPTER I - Life of A. C. Dayton, with a sermon on "The Existence of God."
Pages 13-29
CHAPTER II - Life of Richard Fuller, with a sermon on "The Desire of All Nations."
Pages 30-63
CHAPTER III - Life of William Vaughan, with an essay on "The Law and The Gospel."
Pages 64-81
CHAPTER IV - Life of A. P. Williams, with an essay on "Regeneration."
Pages 82-91
CHAPTER V - Life of James P. Boyce, with a discussion of "Divine Decrees."
Pages 92-117
CHAPTER VI - Life of W. E. Penn, with a sermon on "The Divinity of Christ."
Pages 118-142
CHAPTER VII - Life of J. B. Moody, with an essay on "Conditions of
Receiving the Holy Spirit for Service."
Pages 143-171
CHAPTER VIII - Life of T. T. Eaton, with a discussion of "Baptism,"
and an editorial on "The Philadelphia Confession of Faith."
Pages 172-197
CHAPTER IX - Life of J. R. Graves, with a sermon on "Effects of Baptism."
Pages 198-223
CHAPTER X - Life of J. B. Jeter, with an editorial on "Communion."
Pages 224-233

[p. 8]
CHAPTER XI - Life of S. H. Ford, with an essay on the "Invisible Church Theory."
Pages 234-252
CHAPTER XII - Life of J. M. Pendleton, with his famous tract on "An Old Landmark Reset."
Pages 253-311
CHAPTER XIII - Life of John A. Broadus, with a sermon on "Glad Giving."
Pages 312-332
CHAPTER XIV - Life of J. S. Coleman, with a sermon on "The Work of Baptists an Urgent Work."
Pages 333-376
CHAPTER XV - Life of J. T. Christian, with essay on "What Baptists Have Done for the World."
Pages 377-403
CHAPTER XVI - Life of W. P. Harvey, with a sermon on "Baptists in History."
Pages 404-440
CHAPTER XVII - Life of J. N. Hall, with speech on "The State of the Dead."
Pages 441-485


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