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     Rev. Cadwallader Lewis, LL.D., departed this life on the 22d of April last. He was born in Virginia, November 5, 1811. His father, John Lewis, was an educator and afforded him the best opportunities for a thorough scholastic course of instruction. In 1832, he came with his father's family to Kentucky. Bro. Lewis was married and pursuing the avocation of a farmer, at the time of his conversion and union with the Buck Run Baptist Church in Franklin Co., in 1844. Soon, after his conversion, he was licensed, and in 1846, was ordained to preach the gospel. He has had the pastoral care of the following churches, Glenns' Creek, Versailles, Great Crossings, Providence and Mt. Vernon. He also taught in Georgetown College for a term of years.

      As a man, he was one of nature's nobility; independent in thought, strong in mind though feeble in body, brilliant in intellect, decided in conviction, fearless in avowing and defending his sentiments, ardent in his temperament, and withering in his rebuke of what he thought was erroneous and wrong. He was a minute observer of men and things, and his mind was richly stored with not only bible truths, but history, poetry, political, agricultural and horticultural knowledge. As a pastor and teacher, he was highly esteemed and beloved by the members of his flock to an extent that no one could supplant him in their regard. As a Christian, he eminently illustrated, in his life, the principles he preached.

      This Association, and the brotherhood of Kentucky, deeply deplore the loss we have sustained in his death. He fell in the harness. He suddenly died, of heart disease, at the house of one of the members of his church at Mt. Vernon, in the dead hour of night, with the abstract of the sermon he intended to preach, the next morning, on his table at his bedside. At his burial, brethren from the various churches, he had served, solemnly laid the body of their beloved pastor in the grave.


[From Elkhorn Baptist Association Minutes, 1882, p. 20. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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