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Pastor B. F. Dearmore
Texas Minister and Educator

      Ben Franklin Dearmore was born June 23, 1897 in Texas. He was the son of James Hugh Dearmore and Mary Elizabeth Dugan Dearmore. He married Mineola Tomason March 12, 1916 in Texas. He was pastor at several Baptist churches. Ben and Mineola raised six children.

      In 1944 He pastored the Fundamentalist Baptist Church, in Bowie, Texas, and was Superintendent of Extension of the Fundamental Baptist Bible Institute, Fort Worth. He taught in several Bible Colleges.

      He also was pastor in Athens, Texas and at the South Fort Worth Baptist Church. He wrote and published a small booklet on “The Church” as well as some other articles on the inspiration and translations of the Bible. He was a popular Bible conference speaker in the southwest.

      Two sons became independent Baptist foreign missionaries: Dr. Roy Dearmore, M. D., in Brazil and Dr. James Dearmore, Ed. D., in Africa.

      B. F. Dearmore died February 18, 1969 at the age of 71.


[From R. L. Vaughn website: Ministry and Music - Seeking the Old Paths; and Find-A-Grave. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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