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Abner Weatherby Green
By David Gregg
      Elder A. W. Green was born in Weatherford County, North Carolina, on November 26, 1848. While still a child, he, with his parents, moved to Cherokee County, Georgia. He grew up around Ballground, where he stated that he played a game with the Cherokee Indians that was very similar to modern baseball.

      When the Civil War began, he was too young to fight, but by the age of 15, he had become a scout for the Confederate army. It is believed that his father, Benjamin Franklin Green, was captured by the Union army and died in a Federal prison camp. When the war was over, Abner returned home to his widowed mother, Mira (Weatherby) Green.

     On August 20, 1870, Abner married Orphlina Jackson and began a family. During those first years of their marriage, Abner made and sold whiskey. This was during the reconstruction period, which meant hard times for the average Southerner. In December, 1873, a great revival broke out at the Sharp Mountain Baptist Church in Ballground, Georgia. During this revival there were 77 professions of faith, which led to the breaking of ice in the nearby stream. Among those saved were Abner Green, his brothers, his wife, her parents, and other family members.

     Abner felt the call to the ministry while living in Georgia, but did not follow through with it. In 1881, he moved his family to Marion County, Alabama. There they settled on what is known as Woods Creek near Hamilton. This was located near Green Springs Church and Pearce's Mill.

     After getting settled in Alabama, A.W. Green announced his call to the ministry and was ordained on October 16, 1887. In 1897, he purchased Elder Anderson Markham's farm near Winfield. In 1898, he became the pastor of Zion Baptist Church.

     Elder Green became an important voice for truth in the Yellow Creek Association. He served as moderator during the years 1895-96, 1902-10, 1916-18, 1925-26, and possibly other years. During his ministry, Bro. Green made friends with many well-known men of the Landmark movement. He was acquainted with J. N. Hall, Ben M. Bogard, C. A. Gilbert, J. A. Scarboro, and others. He was the pastor of Zion for 40 years, Pleasant Grove 10 years, and the Bethel Church. He served three years as a missionary for the association while riding on horseback.

     Elder A. W. Green passed away on January 10, 1938. He was missed by many in the national, state, and local associations. He was buried in the cemetery at Zion Baptist Church, in Winfield, Alabama.


[From OBI Bulletin. Document provided by Ben Stratton. Formatted by Jim Duvall]

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