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      Elder Barrow possessed a discriminating mind. His talents were of a high order. It is much to be questioned whether, as a speaker, he has ever been excelled by any Baptist minister of Virginia or Kentucky. He rarely attended an Association, when he was not chosen to occupy the pulpit on Lord's day. His discourses were expressed with clearness and furnished with the happiest illustrations. He was a man of peace, of uncommon meekness; and but few holier men have been found in the gospel ministry in modern times. - James B. Taylor

Frontier Baptist Minister in Virginia & Kentucky

David Barrow and His Lulbegrud School, 1801
Montgomery County, KY
By Asa C. Barrow

David Barrow
Kentucky Emancipationist
By J. H. Spencer, 1885

Rev. David Barrow
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Elder David Barrow
By Carter Tarrant, 1808

David Barrow
Virginia Baptist Ministers
By James B. Taylor, 1860

Circular Letter by David Barrow, 1793
Doctrine of Election
Portsmouth Baptist Association (VA)

David Barrow
Pioneer Baptist Minister
A Summary of his life

Letter to Thomas Jefferson, 1815

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