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Forty Years as Baptist Missionaries In China
By Mrs. Martha F. Crawford
Baptist and Reflector, January, 1894
"Troublous Times"

Chinese Immigration to the U.S.
By T. P. Crawford
Tennessee Baptist, 1852.

T. P. Crawford Missionary Report from China, 1852
Tennessee Baptist, 1853.

Two Long and Useful Lives In China
Dr. T. P. and Mrs. M. F. Crawford

By G. P. Bostica, Tung Chow, China
Baptist and Reflector, 1892

Tarlton Perry Crawford
Martha Fowler Crawford
By Joseph H. Borum, 1880

Churches to the Front!
By T. P. Crawford,
Missionary to China, 1892

T. P. Crawford and the Gospel Missions Movement
By Robert Ashcraft, 2006

Fifty Years in China - An Eventful Memoir
of Tarleton Perry Crawford, D. D.

By L. S. Foster, 1909

Evolution In My Mission Views - or -
Growth of Gospel Mission Principles in my Own Mind
By Tarleton Perry Crawford, D.D., 1903

Martha and T. P. Crawford + ?
Picture provided by Jim Foster

A Sermon by T. P. Crawford
Baptist Missionary to China in the 19th Century
"The Policy of Christ"

Recognition of Bro. and Mrs. T. P. Crawford
Baptist and Reflector, 1892

Woman's Work in Missions
By Mrs. Martha F. Crawford
Tung-Chow, China, 1883

Dr. and Mrs. T. P. Crawford's
Forty-Third Anniversary

By G. P. Bostick, 1891

A Link
The Patriachal Dynasties, 1877

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