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James Monroe Jolly
Early Northern Kentucky Baptist Minister
Campbell County (KY) Association Minutes, 1901

J. M. Jolly, (from 1893 Records)

      James Monroe Jolly was born December 13,1817, at the place now known as Sallisboro, in Lewis County, Kentucky.

      At the age of nine years he was carried by parents to near Point Pleasant, Clermont County, Ohio, in which county they resided seven years, at end of which time was removed by parents to Campbell County, Kentucky, near Truesdale Mill. While his parents lived here he went back to Clermont County, Ohio, and served three years learning brick-mason and plasterer's trade, working under William Shaw. After this he, with his parents, removed to Alexandria, where October

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12, 1841, was married to America Vickers, daughter of Elder James Vickers. He professed conversion and united with the Licking Church, February, 1842, in a meeting conducted by Elders James and Moses Vickers; was baptized by Elder James Vickers in a pond opposite old Caldwell place, near the middle toll-gate on Alexandria and Newport Pike. At this time-he was still living at Alexandria. Immediately after uniting with the Licking Church, that Church licensed him to preach and he had exercised his gift as opportunity offered from that time to time of his ordination.

      In 1843 he removed to Newport, resided there nearly two years, during which time he worked some at his trade and by contract graded and paved York street from Front to Sixth - the second street of the kind in Newport. From thence removed some time in the year of 1845 to Stepstone, now Carentown, in Pendleton County, Kentucky, where he engaged in business of Merchandizing. From here he, with his family, removed to near Second Twelve-Mile, same county, where he resided only a short time, when in April, 1849, he removed to California, Campbell County. While here he worked at his trade, also run a saw and grist mill. In first election by popular vote for Justice of the Peace he was elected and served four years. The people desired him to be re-elected, but his Brethren requested him to decline re-election as they were determined to at once regularly ordain him a Minister of the Gospel, which was done by Flagg Spring Church at a regular meeting in March, 1855, Ministers Wm. J. Morin, Jesse Beagle and James Vickers being present.

      In 1855 he, with his family, removed from California to a small farm about one and a half mile west of Flagg Spring Church, where he lived nearly thirty-two years. In 1887 he sold his farm and removed to near Mentor. In 1893 he had a home built in the village near his son Edward and moved there. Here on March 23, 1900, during his own severe bodily affliction, he was called upon to have taken from him his companion of many years, who was suddenly called to the other world, leaving him with whom she had walked the walks of life for more than 58 years.

      To them were born six sons, two of which died in infancy. William T., the eldest and a Minister, died in Richmond, Virginia., March, 1898, in his 55th year. John A. died in Ashland, Ky., July, 1892, at the age of 47 years. J. V. now lives in Dayton, Ky., and E. M., the youngest, lives at Mentor, Kentucky.

      J. M. Jolly served as Pastor for the Churches named below:

     Second Twelve-Mile Pendldton County 32 years.      Flagg Spring Campbell " 27 "      Banklick Kenton " 9 "      Persimmon Grove Campbell " 12 "      Florence Boone " 2 "

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     Pleasant Ridge	       Campbell    "    22   "
     Grant's Lick 	       Campbell    "    11   "
     Grant's Creek	       Indiana     "	 1   "
     Grassey Creek	       Pendleton   "     1   "
     Demossville	       Pendleton   "     1   "
     Licking Valley	       Campbell    "     4   "
     Alexandria	               Campbell    "     4   "
     First Twelve-Mile         Campbell    "     9   "

      He was Moderator of the Campbell County Association 32 years. Estimated number persons he baptized 1,500. Estimated number of couples he married 500. Preached over 2,500 funerals. Thomas J. McDaniel first person baptized by him. The first couple married by him was John B. Otten and Harriet A. Hampton, November, 1855. The last couple he married was at his own home in March, 1900, the couple being Sydney G Daniel and Gertie Williams. First funeral was a daughter of Ira Clift, of near California (KY).

      During his Pastorates he was to some degree instrumental in the erection of commodious Church buildings at Banklick, Kenton County, and Grant's Lick and First Twelve-Mile, Campbell County.

      While working at his trade, besides building quite a large number of private residences in Campbell and Pendleton Counties, Kentucky, and Clermont County, Ohio, he contracted for and built the following public buildings in Campbell County: School-house, M. E. Church South and Christian Church in California; Second Twelve-Mile Baptist Church (two buildings); Wesley Chapel M. E. Church; Baptist Church, Court-house and jail, in Alexandria; Twelve-Mile Catholic Church, Flagg Spring Baptist Church, Beech Grove school-house, and Seminary building at Cold Spring.

      His education was obtained in the Common schools of his boyhood days. During first few years of his Pastorates, having no horse, he walked to his appointments. Even in his later days, when infirm from age, he has often been known to mount his horse, face a snow storm to Grant's Lick or some other place as distant, attend a funeral or marriage, then return to his home at Mentor same day, a travel of over twenty-five miles.

      After he was 78 years of age one day he attended a funeral at Old Twelve-Mile in Campbell County at 11 o'clock, leaving there after 12 o'clock he went to Pribble Cross Roads in Pendleton County, where that afternoon he married a couple at Thos. Greene's residence, then that same day at 7 o'clock P. M. he married Joseph Baynum and Jennie Iles, at residence of bride near California, Campbell County, and at 8 P. M. was at his home in Mentor. It is but right to say, however, that on this trip his grandson, A. J., drove him in a buggy.

      After a long and very useful life he passed peacefully away September 25, 1900, at nearly 83 years of age, at his residence in Mentor, Kentucky.


[From Minutes of Campbell County (KY) Association, 1901, pp. 2-4. This document is from the Northern Kentucky Baaptist Association office, Erlanger, KY. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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