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Benjamin Keach
Early British Baptist Pastor

Keach Pilloried at Aylesbury
From Cramp, Baptist History

Benjamin Keach (1640 – 1704)

      If the Scriptures were not what they pretend to be, viz., the Word of God, and dictated to the writers thereof of his Holy Spirit, it would be the greatest affront to the Divine Majesty, and the grossest cheat towards mankind, that ever was put upon the world. Tropologia: a Key to Open Scripture Metaphors, Benjamin Keach, p. 207 (First published in 1681), p. xiii.

Benjamin Keach
Early British Baptist Dissenter
History of Dissenters, 1809

Memoirs of Benjamin Keach
The American Baptist Magazine, and
Missionary Intelligencer
, 1821

Benjamin Keach
Early British Baptist Minister
The Baptist Magazine, 1839

Benjamin Keach
British Baptist Pastor
By J. M. Cramp, 1871

Benjamin Keach and Freedom of Printing
By J. M. Cramp, 1871

Rev. Benjamin Keach
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

What Gospel Neglecters Cannot Escape
A Sermon by Benjamin Keach

The Scriptures Superior to All Spiritual Manifestations
A Sermon by Benjamin Keach

The Singing of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs
By Benjamin Keach, 1691 edition

The Breach in Worship
By Benjamin Keach

Travels of True Godliness
By Benjamin Keach, Revised by Howard Malcolm + Memoir, 1831
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Tropologia; A Key to Open Scripture Metaphors . . .
By Benjamin Keach, 1858
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