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Elder William Brundige
By Rev. Jacob Drake, 1859

      Of early ministers in northern Ohio, William Brundige, was senior. He removed, with his son-in-law, Nathaniel Wyatt, from the state of New York into Ohio about the year 1805 or 1806. After a short time, they located themselves in a part of Franklin, now Delaware county. Elder Brundige was a large portly looking man, which added to his hoary hair, gave him a very venerable appearance. Naturally loquacious, he was full of anecdote and story-telling, which rendered him a very pleasing companion to the young. This propensity was often carried to an extent that some of his friends thought unbecoming in a minister. He enjoyed no advantages over his brethren except what age and experience furnished. He had a peculiar aversion to reading anything except his Bible and hymn-book; yet, with a good mind and strong memory, he was sound in the faith, and, what was then termed, quite an acceptable preacher. Elder Brundige was what would now be called a Gillite of the first water [a follower of John Gill, a British Baptist pastor, who emphasized the doctrines of grace].


[From Jacob Drake “A History of Columbus Baptist Association (OH) From its Organization to 1837” – in the Association Minutes, 1859, Chapter IV. These original records are in a bound volume at the Denison University Library, Special Collections and Archives, Granville, OH. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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