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Joseph Angus
British Baptist Minister and Educator
By Thomas Armitage, 1890
Benjamin Beddome
British Baptist Minister and Songwriter
Abraham Booth
Early British Minister and Writer
6 articles and 4 links to his works
William Carey
Father of Foreign Missions
There are nine documents.
Thomas Crosby
The First English Baptist Historian
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881
Henry Forty
Persecuted British Baptist Minister
Benjamin Francis
Early British Baptist Minister
The Baptist Magazine, 1818
Andrew Fuller
Memoir, Bio, Sermons and Circular Letters
Dr. Andrew Gifford
Eighteenth Century Baptist Minister
Two bios
John Gill
There are two bios.
Joseph Ivimey
There are two short bios.
Henry Jessey
Baptist History, 1871
By J. M. Cramp
James Jopling
British Deacon
Benjamin Keach
Early British Baptist Minister
Ten Documents
William Kiffin
By J. M. Cramp, 1871
Hanserd Knollys
17th Century Baptist Minister
Two Bios
Joshua Marshman, D. D.
John C. Marshman

Father and Son -
Early British Missionary Helpers to William Carey
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881
Samuel Pearce
Bio, Memoirs and Circular Letter
John Rippon Index
British Baptist Minister
Two Bios + Essay
John Ryland, D. D.
Early British Baptist Minister
John Smyth
Early British Baptist Minister
A Memoir of the Rev. John Sutcliff
Early British Baptist Minister
By Andrew Fuller, 1815
Charles Whitfield
Long-time Pastor in North England
William Tyndale on Baptism by Immersion
My Baptism and What Led To It.
By The Rev. James Mountain, 1904
(Originally An English Methodist Minister)
John Henry Wood
Nineteenth Century British
Baptist Minister and Historian
The Baptist Handbook for 1896
Early British Biographies
J. M. Cramp's Baptist History
There are twenty-two Bios.
The Funeral Sermon of John Spilsbury
Delivered by John Eccles
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