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"His friends have often compared him to 'that disciple whom Jesus loved.' His religion was that of the heart. Almost every thing he saw, or heard, or read, or studied, was converted to the feeding of this Divine flame. Every subject that passed through his hands seemed to have been cast into this mould. Things, that to a merely speculative mind would have furnished matter only for curiosity, to him afforded materials for devotion. His sermons were generally the effusions of his heart, and invariably aimed at the hearts of his hearers." - Fuller in Memoirs, Chapter V.
      J. M. Pendleton commented in a funeral sermon for Joseph H. Eaton in 1859: "Said the devout Samuel Pearce, the best uninspired man of whom I have read, "I know, and the thought is my constant burden, that the Being I love best always sees something in me which he infinitely hates, 'O, wretched, wretched man that I am!' The thought even now makes me weep; and who can help it that seriously reflects he never comes to God, to pray or praise, but he brings what his God detests along with him, carries it with him wherever he goes, and can never get rid of it while he lives?" - Jim Duvall

Samuel Pearce

Samuel Pearce Memoirs
By Andrew Fuller

Samuel Pearce
By J. M. Cramp, 1871

The Preservation of the Saints
Circular Letter, 1795
By Samuel Pearce

Added - 2.8.11.
Substance of an Oration Delivered
at the Grave of The Rev. Samuel Pearce, A. M.

By Rev. J. Brewer, 1799

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