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SEPTEMBER 9, 1902 - MAY 16, 1974

      Dr. H. C. Slade was born in Oxford, Nova Scotia, on September 9, 1902. A young man while in the dry goods business in his home town heard the Gospel through a visiting evangelist in a Modernistic church. A year after his conversion he sold his business to attend Toronto Baptist Seminary. It was through THE GOSPEL WITNESS that his godly parents learned of the stand of Dr. Shields and the founding of Toronto Baptist Seminary. The fact that a promising young man was leaving town to attend "Shields' Seminary" made local headlines.

      While at the Seminary Dr. Slade served the Baptist Church of Westport, Ontario, for four years. During his last year as student pastor Viola Prevost, a young lady, was converted and baptized by Dr. Slade and later became Mrs. Slade.

      After Graduation from Toronto Baptist Seminary in 1930 Dr. Slade accepted the call to First Baptist Church, Timmins, where he served faithifuilly twelve years and became generally known as "Bishop of the North." After four years in Timmins he was married in 1934. During the war he resigned from Timmins Church in 1942, and while awaiting an appointment in the Chaplaincy he served nine months as Pastor of Briscoe Street Baptist Church in London, Ontario. While in London he taught Greek in London Bible Institute.

      In April 1943 he accepted the appointment of Secretary of the Union of Regular Baptist Churches, where he served with distinction for six years.

      On October 6, 1946, the Jarvis Street Baptist Church called Dr. Slade to become the Associate of Dr. Shields. Upon the death of Dr. Shields on April 4, 1955, he became the Pastor of the church, which he served faithfully until his sudden death on May 16, 1974.

      While in Jarvis Street Dr. Slade became a key figure in the International Council of Christian Churches, Canadian Council of Evangelical Protestant Churches and the Fundamental Baptist Congresses.

      Two great Fundamental Universities recognized Pastor Slade as a mighty man of God. Faith Theological Seminary bestowed upon him the degree of Doctor of Divinity in 1955, and in 1962 Bob Jones University honoured him with the degree of Doctor of Laws. He was serving as a Memlber of the Board of Bob Jones University at the time of his death.

      The above is but a brief biographical sketch of his illustrious career. The many tributes in this issue reflect the various aspects of his ministry as a faithful minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


[From The Gospel Witness, June 13, 1974, p. 1, via Internet. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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