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T. P. (Thomas Paul) Simmons (1898-1969)
Early 20th Century Baptist

Some Sermons and articles by Elder Simmons:
Some Characteristics of Jesus as a Preacher
By T. P. Simmons, 1931

The Baptist Examiner
The Policy and Program of this Paper

Two-Seed Doctrine and Eternal Justification
By T. P. Simmons, Marion, KY, 1931

The Deaconship
By T. P. Simmons, 1932

Editor of and writer for the Baptist Examiner, 1931 - 1932.

Published A Systematic Study of Bible Doctrine, book of 503 pages (forty-three chapters) + two Indices and a Confession Faith, 4th edition, 1969.

Simons was Pastor of Central Baptist Church, Marion, KY ( - 1931), Second Baptist Church, Ashland, KY (1931 - ___ ), in 1935 the church had a revival meeting with Clarence Walker of Lexington. He was Pastor of First Baptist Church, White Plains, KY (twice). He died December 28, 1969 and was buried in the Ashland (KY) Cemetery. Funeral service conducted by Charles Stewart.

Advertised his "Trail of Blood" (Baptist History) Lectures in 1939 in the Baptist Examiner.

[Transcribed and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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