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C. D. Stevens
[Picture provided by Ronnie Wolfe]


     There are two Baptist schools to which God's stewards can give their assistance and know that Unionism and Modernism will not be helped.

     The two schools are the West Kentucky Bible School at Murray, Kentucky, and the Hazard Baptist School at Hazard, Ky.

     The West Kentucky Bible School is conducted by Brother Boyce Taylor and has for its purpose the preparation of young people for Christian service.

     The Baptist School at Hazard, Ky. has Bro. C. D. Stevens for its president and is a school where real Christian education is given through the grades, High School and Junior College. Boys and girls can go there for less money than any other school in the country.

     Both of these schools report fine openings this year. If you are interested write for information.

Clarence Walker.

[From News and Truths, October 22, 1930. A letter to the paper.]


Faculty of Lexington Baptist College 1956-57

     C. D. Stevens is listed as Bible and Theology professor. A. B. Georgetown College, 1908; Th. M., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1912; Pastor at Burnside and Harlan, Ky., and State Evangelist until 1920; Pastor at 22nd and Walnut St., Louisville, until 1925; Pastor at Hazard and missionary in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky until 1954.

[From Ashland Avenue Baptist paper, May 17, 1957. p. 1. Document provided by Donnie Burford, South Irvine, KY.]


     A picture of a diploma and the building from Hazard Baptist Institute is here.


     Buell Kazee wrote in his book Faith is the Victory: "In my young life I was greatly impressed by one of God's servants to whom came a sudden trial of great bereavement. He prayed a simple prayer in three parts: (1) He said, in substance, 'Lord, I do not question your providence. Just give me the grace to bear whatever you permit.' (2) He said, 'Lord, Help me to understand what you are trying to say to me in this trial.' (3) He said, 'Lord, help me to be a good witness in this trial, and let the people see what God can do for a man who trusts in thee.'" [p. 126]
     The author said in a conversation that this reference is to C. D. Stevens at a time of unexpected death in his family.


     In the 1931 Minutes of the Elkhorn Baptist Association, p. 17,: "Rev. C. D. Stevens was heard at this time in reference to his work at Hazard, Ky."


     The church at Inez, county seat of Martin County, constituted in 1904, reported seventy members and $280 to mission causes. Rev. C. D. Stevens, who has given almost his entire ministry to the mountain section, was pastor. All these churches have been aided by the Baptist State Board of Missions, but only the churches at Inez, and West Liberty were still being aided in 1948.
[From Frank M. Masters, A History of Baptists in Kentucky, 1953, p. 426.]


     At the Upper Cumberland Baptist Association held at Harlan Baptist Church in 1916, C. D. Stevens was the Moderator.
[From Masters, p. 435.]

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