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      In his sermons were combined exposition, argument and exhortation. He had no knowledge of the languages in which the Scriptures were originally written, but the Spirit who indicted the Holy Oracles dwelt in his heart, sanctifying his large common sense and making him a great interpreter of the divine word.
     The one fault manifest in this good and great man, as a public teacher, was his failure to enforce the peculiar principles of his denomination. When the teaching of Alexander Campbell made their first inroads in Bethel Association, causing so much distress and confusion among the churches, he was silent in regard to the pernicious heresy, and left it to men of much less influence to guard the churches against its baleful effects. A consequence of this weakness was that many of his posterity became Campbellites, or joined other denominations than that of their eminent and godly ancestor. - J. H. Spencer, A History of Kentucky Baptists, Vol. II, 1885, p. 369.


Reuben Ross
By J. H. Spencer, 1885

Reuben Ross
Sketches of Tennessee's Pioneer Baptist Preachers
By J. J. Burnett

Reuben Ross, Obit
From the Tennessee Baptist, 1860
By James M. Pendleton

A Revival Meeting in Christian County, Kentucky
Preached by Reuben Ross and Others

Reported by James M. Pendleton, 1838

"The Reasons for the Late Division of the Red River Association"
Bethel Baptist Association, KY
Circular Letter, 1826
By Reuben Ross

Elder Reuben Ross
Resolutions of Bethel Baptist Church
Christian County, KY
From the Tennessee Baptist, 1860

Life and Times of Elder Reuben Ross
Frontier Baptist Minister in Western TN & KY
Introduction by James M. Pendleton, 1882

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