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Elder Moses Hutchings
By Carter Tarrant, 1808
     Moses Hutchings was born in East Jersey, Morris county, November the 28th, 1770; he had the advantage of being reared by religious parents, (if any advantage it be) who gave him a common education, but he thinks he is not so wise but what he may be wiser, and has therefore applied part of his time, of late, to the study of the English grammar, under the direction of elder Jacob Grigg.

     Mr. Hutchings embraced religion in the 17th year of his age, and was baptized by elder David Loofbourrow (?-unclear), and joined a baptist church at Kennewbrook, in the town-ship of New-Ark, Essex county; thence moved to the state of Ohio, and joined a church at Carpenter's-run and was by them licenced [sic] to preach; he was called to ordination by the church at Mill-run, and was accordingly ordained, March the 29th, 1802, by elders Peter Smith, James Lee and Morris Witham. Mr. Hutchings removed his residence to Denham's-Town, and took the oversight of Bethel church; this church was constituted by elder John Denham, September the 21st, 1800; their number, when constituted, was six; their present number is eighteen; they have no meeting-house, but intend to build on a lot in town, given them by Mr. Denham, by and after whom the town had its rise and name. Mr. Hutchings is a methodical young preacher, and will be useful to society, if the hypochondriac don't master him.


[From Carter Tarrant, History of the Baptised Ministers and Churches in Kentucky &c., Friends to Humanity, Frankfort, KY, 1808, pp. 17-18. Charles Tarrants, Delhi, NY, provided this document. Transcribed and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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