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Rev. Isaac Taylor Hinton
Early Baptist Minister
The Baptist Encyclopaedia, 1881
      Rev. Isaac Taylor Hinton was born in Oxford, England, July 4, 1799. In 1821 he was baptized by his father. He sailed from London for Philadelphia, April 9, 1832. In June 1833, took the oversight of the First Baptist church of Richmond, Va. In 1835 he took charge of the First Baptist church of Chicago, then in its infancy. In 1841 he accepted a call to the Second church in St. Louis, Mo. In December 1844, he received an invitation for the Baptists of New Orleans to labor in that city, and immediately removed to this new field. He was instrumental in building a church edifice for them, which was opened in February, 1846, and in greatly increasing their numbers, so much so that it was planned by the pastor and his people to erect a larger structure in the autumn of 1847. He died of yellow fever on the 28th of August, 1847.

      Mr. Hinton was the author of a “History of Baptism,” and of “Prophecies of Daniel and John, illustrated by the Events of History.”

      The churches over which Mr. Hinton presided, without exception, prospered, and he was instrumental in forming other churches in localities near these seats (cathedrae) of his ministry.

      In fourteen years of his life in America he made a name as widely known as our country, and his memory is fragrant still in the land of his adoption. Like the saintly Wilson, a recent martyr, in the same city, by the same plague, Mr. Hinton left a numerous family. He possessed a remarkable amount of historical information and of Biblical knowledge, and he had a deep experience of the love of Christ.

      He was invited to the presidency of Alton College, Ill. and he was justly regarded as one of the purest and most talented ministers in the denomination

[William Cathcart, editor, The Baptist Encyclopaedia, 1881, p. 527. Transcribed and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

      Samuel H. Ford says of Hinton: He “. . . published the first work of significance on baptism in the United States, The History of Baptism. It is still a standard work. He was a pioneer preacher in Chicago and also in St. Louis, and died heroically in New Orleans of yellow fever. A grand man, brother of Howard Hinton, of London. . . ”
[Ford's Christian Repository and Home Circle magazine, 1888, p. 119.]

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