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James Robinson [J. R.] Graves

James Robinson Graves

A Picture of the younger J. R. Graves

     There are more than 40 documents in this section - Jim Duvall, Editor.

     The well-known Robert G. Lee described him as the greatest orator southern Baptists ever produced. [From George W. Dollar, A History of Fundamentalism in America, 1973, p. 56.]
     Distinguished editor, author, publisher, fearless advocate and faithful defender of the New Testament system of doctrines, champion of the God-given prerogatives of a New Testament church, pulpit orator. - Sketch of Tennessee's Pioneer Baptist Preachers by J. J. Burnett
      Dr. Graves preached, by special invitation, to the theological students at the Seminary at Greenville, South Carolina, in 1874. Meeting John A. Broadus soon after, a friend asked his opinion of it. He replied: "Well, it may be termed a great sermon. Graves has what many of us lack, that which has marked all distinguished orators. It is called personal magnetism. The old rhetoricans called it ACTION. It is the intense concentration and mastery of all one's power in an extempore delivery." - O. L. Hailey
      [As] "extreme as the views of Dr. Graves have by many been regarded as being, there is no question but that they have powerfully contributed to the correction of a false liberalism that was current in many quarters thirty years ago." - E. T. Winkler, editor of Alabama Baptist in 1871.
     LeRoy B. Hogue says: "In 1846 J. R. Graves first became associated with The Baptist as an assistant to R. B. C. Howell, who had edited the paper, with some interruption, since 1835. Upon the establishment of this relationship, the material in the paper immediately took on a more controversial aspect. It would be unjust to assume that Graves was entirely responsible for this "new" quality, for it was not entirely new. For some years Howell had engaged in verbal conflict with the editor, J. B. McFerrin, of the Christian Advocate, a Methodist paper also published at Nashville. In the course of the exchange, Howell had been referred to by McFerrin as "the inflated bird of Nashville" and as one who did not "consider it a matter of importance always to state the plain truth." In reply, Howell had shown himself not averse to conflict and had stated on one occasion that McFerrin was capable of adopting any expedient "however repugnant to moral principle, if he thinks he can by such means do an injury to the Baptist denomination." Thus it was into an atmosphere already somewhat charged with controversy that Graves stepped when he assumed the editorship of The Baptist." - Antecedents of Landmarkism, chapter 1.

James Robinson Graves: Staking the Boundaries of Baptist Identity
By James A. Patterson, 2012
A review by James R. Duvall

"The Life, Times and Teachings of J. R. Graves
The Christian Repository
By Samuel H. Ford, 1899
[A twelve-chapter bio.]

The Life and Times of J. R. Graves
By Milburn Cockrell
The Berea Baptist Banner, 1995

The Family of J. R. Graves
Researched by R. L. Vaughn

J. R. Graves, LL. D.
The Baptist Encyclopedia

J. R. Graves
Sketch of Tennessee's Pioneer Baptist Preachers
By J. J. Burnett, 1919

J. R. Graves, LL.D.
By Joseph H. Borum, 1880

James R. Graves
J. H. Spencer, 1885

James R. Graves
"Mr. Baptist of the 19th Century"
By James O. Combs, 1998

Gleanings from The Baptist newspaper
By J. R. Graves (1820-1893)
Via The Berea Baptist Banner, 2002

A Letter From J. H. Spencer to J. R. Graves, 1855
Concerning a Recent Revival Meeting
Tennessee Baptist newspaper, 1857

Personal Recollections of J. R. Graves
By A. J. Holt, D.D., Arcadia, FL
Western Recorder, 1928

Baptist Corollaries
The Baptist newspaper, 1868

James R. Graves Ordination
By S. J. Conkwright, 1923

The Preaching of J. R. Graves
By O. L. Hailey, 1929

J. R. Graves as a Preacher
By Samuel H. Ford

J. R. Graves' Trip to Hickman, KY to Preach, 1857
By Ben Stratton

J. R. Graves At The Battle of Shiloh
American Civil War
The Biblical Recorder, 1862

Amnesty for J. R. Graves
Following the Civil War
By Dr. David E. Gregg
OBI Bulletin, 2010

Dr. J. R. Graves in Hopkinsville
The Baptist, 1888

The Relation of Baptism to Salvation
By James Robinson Graves

An Essay on the Importance of Baptist History
By J. R. Graves

By J. R. Graves

Anniversary Sermon Extracts
By J. R. Graves at 2nd Baptist Church
Nashville, TN, 1848

The Church Trial of J. R. Graves
From the Tennessee Baptist, 1858
By An Alabama Minister

Satan Dethroned and Other Sermons
[There are twelve sermons here.]
By J. R. Graves

The Lord's Supper
Preached at FBC, Memphis, TN, 1867
By J. R. Graves

A Concise History of Baptists: From the Time
of Christ Their Founder to the 18th Century

By G. H. Orchard, 1838
(American Edition, 1855)
"Introductory Essay"
By J. R. Graves

Graves / Ditzler, or the Great Carrollton [MO] Debate
Between: J. R. Graves, LL. D., and Jacob Ditzler, D.D., 1876

J. R. Graves
Celebrates as Editor for 30 Years

The Baptist newspaper - Memphis, Tennessee

J. R. Graves / Alexander Campbell Dispute
By Samuel H. Ford, 1900

John L. Waller's Opinion of J. R. Graves
By Samuel H. Ford, 1900

Queries on Church Constitution
J. R. Graves, 1877
Also J. M. Pendleton, 1860, and
A Northern Kentucky Baptist Association, 1804

A Report of FBC's Charges Against J. R. Graves
From the Tennessee Baptist, 1858

The Charges Against J. R. Graves
The Tennessee Baptist paper, 1858
By J. M. Pendleton

The Church Trial
From the Tennessee Baptist, 1858
By An Alabama Minister

How J. R. Graves Stands At Home
Tennessee Baptist, 1859
By J. M. Pendleton

Afflictions of the J. R. Graves' Family
From Tennessee Baptist, May 1847

Mrs Lua Graves' Sickness and Farewell
[J. R. Graves' Wife]
Tennessee Baptist, 1847

Expressions of Sympathy on the Death of
J. R. Graves' Mother and Wife

The Baptist
, 1868

Tributes to the Life of J. R. Graves
Baptist and Reflector, 1893

Historian George W. Dollar on J. R. Graves
A History of Fundamentalism in America, 1973

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