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Rev. Evan Morgan.
By Morgan Edwards, 1770

      He came to this country very early and was a fmart, a knowing, and a pious man. He broke off from the Quakers along with many others of Keith's party in 1691. Was baptized in 1697 by one Thomas Rutter, and the fame year, renouncing the relkiqes of Quakerifm, was received into the church. In 1702 he was called to the miniftry, and ordained Oct. 23, 1706. by Rev. meffieurs Thomas Griffiths and Thomas Killingworth. He died Feb. 16, 1709 and was buried at Pennepek, after having had
preacher. He broke off from them in the grand feparation of 1601 along with George Keith, and was one of the forty eight who figned the reafons and caufes of that feparation. In 1697 he embraced the principles of the Baptifts and was baptized at Philadelphia by Rev. Thomas Killingworth of Cohanfey. The fame year he joined Pennepek church where he began to inculcate the above mentioned doctrine with great affiduity [?]; but they deeming it herefy did, after a firft and fecond admonition to no purpofe, expel him Feb. 17, 1698. After that he joined a fociety of Keithians kept at the houfe of Abraham Pratt in the neighbourhood of Pennepek (fome of which had been baptized the year before), and with many of them became a feventhday Baptift. He continued to preach to them till he went to Wefterly in Rhodeifland government in 1711, where he abode to 1724 and thence returned to the Jerfies where he died. After leaving Wefterly he wrote a letter to the people there and printed it, wherein he complains of very ill ufage from them.

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the joint care of the church for upwards of two years. His wife's name was Mary Swift by whom he had a daughter named Frances who married Richard Hall and bore him a fon who is yet alive and married to Sufannah Edge. Her fecond hufband was Jofeph Fifher, by whom fhe had children Ifabella, Mary and Martha who married into the Leech, Green and Hall families. Mr. Morgan's fucceffor, who had alfo been his colleague, was the Rev. Samuel Jones

[From Morgan Edwards Materials Towards a History of the American Baptists, 1770. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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