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Death of Dr. A. S. Pettie
Western Recorder, 1931
      The death of Dr. A. S. Pettie above eighty years of age, at Mayfield, Ky., early on November 14, takes away one of the most broadly known and beloved ministers who has wrought among Baptists in this section of the South during the last two generations.

      A native of Woodford County near Versailles, he grew up on the farm and was ordained while yet quite young in 1872. He graduated from Georgetown College and accepted as his first pastorate Clear Creek Baptist Church in Woodford County. During the next half century Dr. Pettie held many important pastorates, mainly in Kentucky, but also in Tennessee, Arkansas and Florida. In addition he was once President of Clinton College in West Kentucky, and at various times held positions on the boards of his denomination in the State where he labored, or in Southwide service.

      Dr. Pettie was a Gospel preacher of power and a Scripture interpreter of skill and insight He excelled especially in doctrinal preaching, but doctrines presented by him were always suffused with the emotion of a heart which sought and found in each revealed teaching the quality of God's condescending love and the poignant need of the sin-weary hearts of men. He was tall and erect and his voice had unusual compass, melody and carrying power. The pulpit was his throne, and his "reigning" there was in equity and love and unto blessing to his hearers, because one sensed in it the rule of Him whose yoke is easy and His burden light.

      Doubtless others will furnish tributes to this beautiful and faithful soul, this loving shepherd of the flock - others who knew him longer and better than was our privilege. A faithful witness, a heroic soldier of the cross, a valiant pioneer of the Gospel, a clarion voice of the greatest message ever entrusted to human lips has gone to be with God. Thousands there are to whom he brought the unspeakable blessing of holy faith, who will do him reverence in their hearts in this hour of his Home-going.

      Left to mourn him of his own immediate circle of loved ones are his wife, Mrs. Louelle I. Pettie, and seven children. These are V. C. Pettie, of Little Rock, Ark.; Mrs. W. H. Albritton, Miss Mary D. Pettie and Mrs. Ellis Wickersham, of Mayfleld, Ky.; Mrs. R. R. Ray, of Greenville, S. C.; Mrs. J. C. Grant, of Atlanta; and Mrs. O. T. Burn, of Owensboro, Ky. Burial was at Mayfield, the funeral services being conducted by Dr. W. H. Horton of the First Baptist Church, assisited by Dr. W. M. Wood and Rev. R. L. Clark, of Martin, Tenn.


[From Western Recorder, November 19, 1931, p. 9. Document provided by Ben Stratton. Formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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