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A. Judson Rowland, D. D.,
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

      A. Judson Rowland, D. D., was born at Valley Forge, Pa., Feb. 9, 1840; was baptized at Lawrenceville, Pa., by Rev. W. H. H. Marsh, Jan. 6, 1858; entered the Sophomore class of the university at Lewisburg in 1859, and graduated with first honors in 1862; was ordained at Lawrenceville, October, 1862; was chaplain of the 175th Regiment Pa. Vols. from September, 1862, to July,
[p. 1013]
1863; entered Rochester Theological Seminary in the fall of 1863, and completed the full course of study in 1866. In July, 1866, became pastor of Mount Auburn church, Cincinnati, O., which position he resigned in 1868 to assume the presidency of the Mount Auburn Institute, a school of high grade for young women. In 1870 he became pastor of the First church, Pittsburgh, Pa. In 1872 he accepted a call to the Tenth church, Philadelphia, where he still remains. He has for years been a regular correspondent for several denominational journals, and has published a number of sermons and reviews. In 1879 he preached the doctrinal sermon before the Philadelphia Baptist Association. He is a member of various educational and missionary boards, and is prominently and actively engaged in the general work of the denomination. He received the degree of D. D. in 1880 from the university at Lewisburg.

     Dr. Rowland is a man of superior mind, pleasing manners, studious habits, extensive learning, and exemplary piety. As pastor of a large and influential church, he magnifies his office, and is very highly esteemed in love for his work's sake. His sermons are rich in original thought and Bible knowledge, clear in expression, and impressive in delivery. His writings show enlarged acquaintance with books and men. He has gathered a large library of choice and standard works, which he utilizes with rare ability. He is the first and the successful editor of Our Young People, a very able monthly journal for the older scholars in our Sunday-schools. This paper deserves the great circulation it has already secured, and under its gifted editor it will be a still greater power among the young.


[From The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881; reprint 1988. - jrd]

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