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James Bruton (J. B.) Gambrell
Texas Baptist Minister

James Bruton Gambrell
By George W. Truett, D.D.
Biblical Recorder, 1932
"Life Stories of Great Baptists"

The Seat of Authority
By J. B. Gambrell, 1910

The Multiplicity of Denominations an Evil
By Rev. J. B. Gambrell, Meridan, MS

Texas and Missions
J. B. Gambrell, D.D.
From Our Home Field Journal, 1902

Concerning Old Ministers and Others
By J. B. Gambrell, D.D.
The Texas Baptist Standard,1914

The Problem of Baptist Progress
Rev. J. B. Gambrell, D.D.
in The Review and Expositor

Lopsidedness in Missions
By J. B. Gambrell, D.D.
From Baptist Standard, 1925

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