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B. H. [Benajah Harvey] CARROLL INDEX

     In the days of John Chrysostom, the golden mouthed preacher, the people said, "It were better for the sun to cease his shining than for John Chrysostom to cease his preaching." Something of that same feeling must be in our hearts today as we are called to face the exodus of the greatest preacher our State has ever known. - George W. Truitt - Funeral Sermon of B. H. Carroll
     "He read an average of 1,000 pages a day for more than fifty years, and he remembered with remarkable accuracy everything he ever read." - J. B. Cranfill - The Passing of B. H. Carroll

     "There never was a man in the world without a creed. What is a creed? A creed is what you believe. What is a confession? It is a declaration of what you believe. That declaration may be oral or it may be committed to writing, but the creed is there either expressed or implied." - B. H. Carroll
     "Jesus said, 'The gates of hell shall not prevail against it.' I do not believe they have. They have never been able to convince me that the gates of hell have prevailed against the church. I believe that God not only has had people in all ages, but that he has had an organized people... I do not undervalue church history, but far more important to me than fallible human records of passing events is the New Testament forecast of church history. The former may err - the latter never." [From 'Colossians, Ephesians, and Hebrews' in An Interpretation of the English Bible.]

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Life Sketch of B. H. Carroll
By J. B. Cranfill, 1908

B. H. Carroll, as Teacher
By J. W. Crowder

The Passing of B. H. Carroll
By J. B. Cranfill, 1914

Dr. B. H. Carroll of Texas
The Home Field Magazine, 1915

Dr. B. H. Carroll Resigns FBC, Waco, Texas
Baptist and Reflector , l899

B. H. Carroll's Funeral Discourse
By George W. Truitt, 1914

B. H. Carroll - was a "Landmarker"
By R. L. Vaughn

B. H. Carroll, though ‘being dead still speaks’ to SBC issues today
Address by O. S. Hawkins, 2022

Essays by B. H. Carroll

Distinctive Baptist Principles

Baptists One Hundred Years Ago

Creeds and Confessions

Christ's Great Prayer
Gospel of John, Chapter 17

Judgment at the House of God

B. H. Carroll on Matthew 16:18-19
"Perhaps the most remarkable passage in the New Testament"


The Theory of Baptismal Regeneration
Acts 2:38

Sermons by B. H. Carroll

The Sabbath was Made for Man
A Sermon by B. H. Carroll

My Infidelity and What Became of It
By B. H. Carroll
Nashville, TN, 1892

Sermon on Assurance
By B. H. Carroll
Waco, TX - July 9, 1893

Sermon on Saving Faith and Assurance
By B. H. Carroll
Waco, TX - July 16, 1893

The Death of Spurgeon
By B. H. Carroll, 1892

A Pilgrimage to Wittenberg, the Cradle of the Reformation
By B. H. Carroll, Th.D.
For The Baptist Argus, 1902

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An Interpretation of the English Bible
By B. H. Carroll
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