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William Thomas
Welsh Baptist Minister

      William Thomas began to preach at Llanfaches, Glamorganshire, in the year 1638, about twelve months before the church was formed there; which was the second church formed in Wales since the reformation. Mr. Wroth being old, William Thomas was ordained his co-pastor, and labored with acceptance and success, until the year 1641, when by reason of persecution in that part of the world, he fled to another, and arrived in Bristol, England; where he preached and baptized a great many. He was a very learned man, brought up in Oxford college. He did not settle over any congregation in England, but kept school in Bristol, where many young ministers were educated. In Cromwell's time, he returned to Wales, and preached in St. Mary's church, near Swansea. He was turned out of that church on the restoration of Charles the second. He kept school afterwards at Swansea, and often preached at Carmarthen, and other destitute places. After he was turned out of St. Mary's, he became a member of the Baptist church at Swansea. We have an account of his having been sent as a messenger from Swansea to three associations. Before his death he returned to Llantrisaint, near Llanfaches, from where he went to Bristol. At this time the Baptists met at Llantrisaint. In the association held at Abergavenny, this church proposed to revive the old plan of supporting ministers in weak and destitute churches; which was for the strongest to help the weakest. William Thomas was appointed home missionary for six months, and received from Swansea, £5; Llantrisaint, £2 108.; Carmarthen, £2 108.

      William Thomas died, July 26, 1671, and was buried at Llantrisaint.

[From J. Davis, History of the Welsh Baptists, 1835, reprint 1976, p. 31. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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