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Eldwyn Rogers
Missionary to Spanish-speaking People

      Eldwyn Rogers was born in Mississippi, March 14, 1924, the fifth of six children. His mother passed away during the influenza epidemic of 1937. His father died shortly afterwards. He graduated from Janice High School as the Valedictorian in 1942.

      Eldwyn waas saved and baptized when he was fourteen. Bro. E. C. Gillentine preached on "Salvation is of the Lord" at a special meeting at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, Jasper County, Mississippi.

      Eldwyn had planned on attending a Bible College in Little Rock, Arkansas after his graduation, but he was drafted into the U. S. Army. He trained in Alabama, left New York City via a ship, and was sent to Greenock, Scotland. He arrived in France sixty days after General George Patton's Normandy Invasion. On August 29, 1944, he was in the Victory Parade that marched through Paris. He did suffer a shrapnel injury and 'trench foot', a common condition among soldiers because of the wet foxhole fighting and lack of opportunity to change their socks or boots during the fighting.

      He was discharged from the Army in January, 1946 and two months' later entered Bible College. He and Alice June Summer married on February 28, 1947. He was ordained to the work of the gospel ministry by the Ebenezer Baptist Church on December 21, 1947.

      He and his family went to Brazil as their first foreign mission endeavor; they then went to Paraguay and then Chili.

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