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     When J. M. Pendleton first began preaching he endured a lot of criticism:
"These preachers, Dr. Pendleton says, were not very 'complimentary' in their remarks about his sermons. One of them said, 'You certainly could do better if you would try.' Another said, 'You are scarcely earning your salt.' The criticism of another was, 'You say some pretty good things, but your preaching is neither adapted to comfort the saint nor alarm the sinner.' But the last straw (suited to break the camel's back, but didn't) was a remark by a layman, 'As God is omnipotent He, of course, can make a preacher of that young man.' It is gratifying to know that young Pendleton survived these discouraging criticisms and made a preacher of rare ability." - J. J. Burnett

     "James Madison Pendleton served as a Baptist pastor for forty-six years, taught theology at Union University for four years, served as editor of The Southern Baptist Review for five years, and served as co-editor of the Tennessee Baptist for three years. He wrote more than 700 articles for various Baptist papers. He also published fifteen books. . ." - Thomas White, Selected Writings. . . , Volume 1, p. 9.

** There are 56 Documents **

Life of James M. Pendleton
By T. T. Eaton, 1904
1st Meeting of KY Baptist Historical Society

James Madison Pendleton, D.D.
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

James M. Pendleton
By J. J. Burnett

James Madison Pendleton
Tennessee Baptist Ministers, 1880

James Madison Pendleton
By J. H. Spencer, 1885

James M. Pendleton
By Ben M. Bogard, 1900

James Madison Pendleton:
A Southern Crusader Against Slavery

By Victor B. Howard

A Tale of Two Baptist Preachers:
W.C. Buck, J.M. Pendleton and Slavery in Antebellum Kentucky

By Ben Stratton

Reminiscences of A Long Life
By James Madison Pendleton, 1891

Journal of James Madison Pendleton
His Trip to Triennial Convention for Foreign Missions
Philadelphia, 1844

Thoughts on Giving
A Series of Fourteen Essays
From the Tennessee Baptist, 1859-1860

Nature of a Church
By J. M. Pendleton, D. D., 1867

Short Sermons on Important Subjects
By James M. Pendleton, 1859
There are 50 Sermons.

"An Old Landmark Reset."
By J. M. Pendleton

Three Reasons Why I Am A Baptist
By J. M. Pendleton

James M. Pendleton on John Calvin's Comments About Baptism
From Three Reasons Why I Am A Baptist

Why Was Christ Baptized?
The Tennessee Baptist, 1856
By James M. Pendleton

Frustrating the Grace of God
By J. M. Pendleton
The Christian Repository, 1888

Solemn Questions For Professed Christians
By James M. Pendleton
From the Tennessee Baptist, 1855

An Essay for
Dr. N. L. Rice [Presbyterian] and Immersion

By James M. Pendleton, 1855

Infant Baptism
Tennessee Baptist newspaper
By James M. Pendleton, 1859

The Validity of Baptism Administered
by an Unbaptized Evangelist

The Tennessee Baptist, 1856
By James M. Pendleton

Union With Pedobaptists
The Tennessee Baptist, 1860
Introduction by J. M. Pendleton

Are the Heathen Saved without the Gospel?
By James M. Pendleton
From the Tennessee Baptist, 1859

Who Should Baptize?
By J. M. Pendleton

The Translation of "Baptizo"
James M. Pendleton
From the Tennessee Baptist, 1859

The History of Baptism
By Robert Robinson, 1790
Reviewed by James M. Pendleton

There is no Danger
Of Dividing the Denomination
By James M. Pendleton
The Tennessee Baptist, 1858

The Difference Between Baptists and Presbyterians
By James M. Pendleton
Tennessee Baptist, 1854

African Colonization in its Missionary Aspects
The Christian Repository
By J. M. Pendleton, 1854

The Slavery Issue
James M. Pendleton
From Reminiscences of A Long Life

James M. Pendleton and the Civil War
by David Gregg

Sovereignty of the Churches
The Tennessee Baptist, 1859
By James M. Pendleton

An Unfaithful Church in Danger of Extinction
A Sermon by J. M. Pendleton

Christ the Propitiation for Sins
A Sermon by J. M. Pendleton
Ford's Christian Repository, 1888

The Communion Question Settled
By J. M. Pendleton, 1868

Sketch of "Open Communion"
By J. M. Pendleton, 1889

Liberty Baptist Association (KY)
Circular Letter, 1840
The Importance of the Home and Foreign Mission Enterprise

A Poem of Tribute to J. M. Pendleton
On His 50th Wedding Anniversary

By S. H. Ford, 1888

A Revival Meeting in Christian County, Kentucky
Preached by Reuben Ross and Others

Reported by James M. Pendleton, 1838

The Condition of the Baptist Cause in Kentucky in 1837
By James M. Pendleton, D. D.

The Place Christ Has Gone to Prepare
A Sermon by J. M. Pendleton, 1868
The Baptist newspaper

The Character and Safety of a Good Man
A Sermon by J. M. Pendleton
From the Western Recorder, 1877

J. M. Pendleton on the Title: D. D.
The Baptist newspaper, 1868

The Constitution of Churches
The Tennessee Baptist, 1860
By J. M. Pendleton

Life and Times of Elder Reuben Ross
Frontier Baptist Minister in Western TN & KY
Introduction by James M. Pendleton, 1882

How J. R. Graves Stands At Home
Tennessee Baptist, 1859
By J. M. Pendleton

Rev. James M. Pendleton
Comments on His last Sermon in KY
Tennessee Baptist, 1850

A Little Discussion with Alexander Campbell
By James M. Pendleton

Funeral of Dr. J. M. Pendleton
By M. M. Riley
The Baptist and Reflector, 1891

James M. Pendleton Gravesite

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Reminiscences of a Long Life
By James M. Pendleton, 1891
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Church Manual Designed for the Use of Baptist Churches
By James M. Pendleton, 1867
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Christian Doctrines: A Compendium of Theology
By James M. Pendleton, 1878
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Distinctive Principles of Baptists
By J. M. Pendleton, 1882
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A Review of Distinctive Principles of Baptists
In The Baptist Quarterly Review, 1883

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