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The Baptism of Jesus
By Ron Crisp, 2012

A Narrative of Surprising Baptisms
By Ron Crisp

Buell H. Kazee
Kentucky Baptist Minister, Teacher and Singer
A short bio, two books, other writings

There Are Many Articles and Links Here.

Baptist History Notebook
By Berlin Hisel

Baptist Revivals

The Origin of the Anabaptist Churches
By John T. Christian, 1922.

Three Witnesses for the Baptists
By Curtis Pugh

Leonard Verduin on "Historical Bias"
The Reformers and their Stepchildren

Six Points About Church Membership and Church Rolls
By R.L. Vaughn

Martyrs Mirror on the Anabaptists
The Anatomy of a Hybrid
By Leonard Verduin

"The Origin of the Baptists"
By Israel Robords, Pastor
The First Baptist Church
New Haven, CT., 1838

Articles on Early Baptist Missions
Documents From Various Mission Fields.

The Case for Independent Baptist Churches
M.L. Moser, editor, 1977
Intro & 13 chapters

Customs of Primitive Churches -
of the Constitution of a Church

By Morgan Edwards

The Validity of Baptism Administered
By an Unbaptized Evangelist

Review of W. B. Johnson, D.D.
Southern Baptist Review and Eclectic, 1858

Qualifications of a Minister
By Morgan Edwards, 1768

Does First Corinthians 12 Mean the Universal Church
or a Local New Testament Church?

By Arthur W. Pink

The Baptist Message
A Collection of Thirty-one Essays on
Baptist Doctrine, Thought and Practice
SSB, SBC, 1911

Brief History of the SBC Conservative Resurgence
By David R. Brumbelow, 2009

The Holy Spirit Administering to the Churches
By Berlin Hisel

A Review of Baptist Periodic Literature in the United States
From The Baptist Memorial and Monthly Chronicle, Volume 1, 1842
Rev. R. Babcock and Rev. J.O. Choules, Editors

Mabel Clement
by J.M. Sallee
Reviewed by Ben Stratton

A Silent But Effective Testimony
By Dr. T. T. Shields
Gospel of John, Chapter 11
The Gospel Witness, 1937

Plain Preaching and
Preaching "the whole counsel of God"

By Hercules Collins, 1702

The Baptist Spirit
By I. J. Van Ness, D.D., 1914

Scriptural Baptism
By William Dudley Nowlin, 1922

Infant Baptism
There are several essays

New Testament Form of Church Government
By William D. Nowlin, 1922

The Two Church Offices
By W. S. Crawford

Changeless Truth for Changing Times
By Pastor David Pitman, 1994

A Defence of the Baptists; or the Baptism of Believers by
Immersion shewn to be the only Baptism of the Christian Dispensation

By George Gibbs
A Review
The Baptist Magazine, 1829

Indian Stations East and West of the Mississippi River
[Where Baptist mission work was being done]
From The Baptist newspaper, 1835

The Effect of Revivals on Baptist Growth in the South
By Roy Fish

The Church Member's Hand Book
A Guide to the Doctrines and Practices of Baptist Churches
By William Crowell

Twelve Reasons for the Church Before Pentecost
By R. L. Vaughn

The Concept of the Church as A Universal, Invisible,
Mystical, Spiritual Body Composed of all Believers,
Either of All Time, or the Church Age

By E. Niles Fisher

The Lord's Supper - Close Communion
By Berlin Hisel

How the Ordinances Should be Kept
J. M. Dawson
Owensboro, KY
Tennessee Baptist, 1870

Christian Union, Real and Unreal
By Rev. Thomas Armitage, D.D.
The Baptist, 1877

Writings of Rosco Brong, Former Dean
Lexington (KY) Baptist College
Sermons & Sunday School Lessons

Reasons I Became A Baptist
By William L. Slack
Tennessee Baptist, 1848

A Critique of the Universal Church Theory
M. A. Thesis at Baylor University, 1951
By Roger W. Maslin

The Visible and Invisible Church
From the Biblicist via R. L. Vaughn

The Church and the Kingdom
A New Testament Study

By Jesse B. Thomas, 1914

Pillars of Orthodoxy,
or Defenders of the Faith

Ben M. Bogard, editor, 1900
There are seventeen bios and essays.

Why Be a Baptist?
By H. Boyce Taylor, Sr.
Second Edition, 1928

The Great Commission - Matthew 28:18-20
By Ben Stratton
Farmington, Kentucky

Tates Creek Association of Baptists (KY) Documents
There are three Documents

Hosius on the Anabaptists
By Stephen M. duBarry, 2009

Isaac Backus on the Anabaptists
A History of New England, 1784

Anabaptists in Zurich
A History of the Christian Church
By Williston Walker, 1918

The Waldenses
G. I. Miles, 1836

The Baptist Martyrs of 1575
An Historical Fragment
By The Rev. Benjamin Evans
The Baptist Magazine, 1850

I am Pround to be a Baptist
By Duke K. McCall
Former President of Southern Baptist Seminary
A Tract

Highway Robbery from the Scriptural Standpoint
By D. B. Eastep
Covington, KY

State of Slavery Throughout Christendom
From New Baptist Miscellany, London, 1828

Can The Heathen Be Saved Without The Gospel?
The Baptist Missisonary Magazine, 1848

Some Writings and Sermons of Ron Crisp

Confession of Faith of John Clarke and Obadiah Holmes
First Baptist Church
Newport, Rhode Island

The 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith
With slight revisions by C. H. Spurgeon

The Use of Confessions of Faith in Baptist History
By Steve Weaver
A Link

Keeping the Saints Sober
Practical Reasons Why A Christian
Should Not Drink Alcoholic Beverages
By Jeff Straub

Mabel Clement: A Theological Novel
by J. M. Salee
A PDF Document

"Your Close Communion"
The Tennessee Baptist newspaper, 1848

Query to the Tennessee Baptist paper, 1847
Concerning Cumberland Presbyterian Baptism

Conservative Baptists
A Story of Twentieth-Century Dissent
By Bruce L. Shelley

"Burning Alexander Campbellā€™s Testament"
Edmund Waller
Frontier Baptist Minister

The Independent Baptists
By I. K. Cross, 1976

Constitution of Baptist Churches
The Baptist newspaper, 1870

A Sermon on Baptism
To the Clear Creek Association, 1867
By Elder H. H. Richardson

Can Baptists Consistently go to the Lord's Table
When it is Spread by Pedobaptists?

By T. R. Espy, FBC, Little Rock, AR, 1870

Letter from W. A. Jarrel
Baptist and Reflector, 1900

Baptist Corollaries
The Baptist newspaper, 1868

Professor Eaton's Inaugural Address
From The Baptist newspaper, 1835

A Letter to a Georgia Bishop Concerning Baptist History
By David Benedict, 1860
The Tennessee Baptist, 1861

A Statement on the Apostle John and Authority
From The Early Church Fathers: Ante-Nicene Fathers
By Bill VanNunen

Prohibition, Public Morals and Sabbath Observance
Elkhorn Baptist Association (KY), 1931

The SBT Seminary and "Alien Immersion"
Biblical Recorder, 1908

A Scriptural Manual
or a Plain Representation of the Ordinance of Baptism

By Samuel Wilson, 1745

Baptist Principles, Practices and Polity
Their Soundness Vindicated by Their Natural
Results and Logical Consequences
By T. S. Dunaway, D. D., 1882

American Baptist Missionary Report
"Abstract of the 33rd Annual Report"
From the Tennessee Baptist newspaper, 1847

Reports on
Unity and Central Baptist Associations [TN]
West Union Baptist Association [KY]

The Baptist newspaper, 1867

Who Are The Baptists?
By Curtis Whaley, 1960

The Doctrine of the Suffering Christ
By James P. Boyce
The Baptist Quarterly, 1870

Gospel Doctrine of a Church
By Thomas Baldwin, 1789

Family - Kingdom - Church
By R. Charles Blair

Is Healing in the Atonement?
By R. Charles Blair

Identifiying the New Testament Church
Fundamentals of the Faith
By William Dudley Nowlin, 1922

Why I Came to the Baptists
How a "Disciples of Christ" Preacher Became a Baptist Pastor

By E.L. Mitchell, Burgin, KY

Outlines of Systematic Theology - Ecclesiology
By Berlin Hisel

Import of Ekklesia ('Church')
The Christian Review, 1857
By Rev. J. M. C. Breaker

Preservation of the Scriptures
By A. D. Gillette
Editor of the Minutes of the Philadelphia
Baptist Association from 1707 to 1807

Church Discipline
Baptist and Reflector, 1900

Shall Southern Baptists Divide?
Baptist and Reflector, 1899

New Hampshire Confession of Faith
A Link

150th Anniversary Years of the American Civil War 1861-1865
Baptists and the American Civil War
A collection of documents related to Baptists and
the American Civil War. Also a daily journal.

"Charge to a Young Minister"
An Ordination Sermon
American Baptist Magazine, 1830

The Multiplicity of Denominations an Evil
By Rev. J. B. Gambrell, 1890

A Sermon on Baptism
By Rev. M. W. Gilbert, A. M.
Pastor of the First Colored Baptist Church
Nashville, TN, 1890

The Lord's Supper
By Wm. J. Simmons
The Negro Baptist Pulpit . . ., 1890

A Historical, Doctrinal, and Practical Comparison of Denominations
A Chart by Wendell H. Rone

Baptist Ordination
By R. B. C. Howell, D. D., 1848
Pastor, First Baptist Church
Nashville, Tennessee

Baptist Faith and Practice
By Rev. Thomas Armitage, D.D., 1890

Creeds, Confessions, Covenants and Constitutions
There are five documents.

Baptist Succession, Or
Baptist Principles in Church History

"A Centennial Discourse," 1876
The Baptist Church in Harvard, Massachusetts
By G. W. Samson

Observations by an Attendee of the First
Separate Baptist Association in Virginia in 1771
Semple's History of the Baptists in Virginia

The Baptists and the American Constitution
By John T. Christian

A Letter from James Madison to Rev. George Eve Concerning
the Issue of Religious Freedom and the First Amendment

From The James Madison Papers

Correspondence Between the Early Baptists of Virginia
and President George Washington - 1789

Semple's History of the Baptists in Virginia

Articles of Faith of the Green River
Baptist Association (KY), 1800

Early Bracken Baptist Association History (KY)
There are two short histories here.

The Elkhorn Baptist Association (KY)
Original Constitution and
Queries from the Earliest Minutes (1785-1805)

Early History of the Elkhorn (KY)
Baptist Association 1785-1880

Spencer's A History of Kentucky Baptists, 1886

Early History of the Long Run (KY)
Baptist Association, (1803-1880)

Spencer's A History of Kentucky Baptists, 1886

Queries and Answers - from the Baptist Churches
of the Philadelphia Baptist Association
From the Annual Minutes

The Philadelphia Association on the Validity
of an Administrator in Baptism

Philadelphia Association Minutes

Valid and Invalid Baptism in Kentucky
Spencer's A History of Kentucky Baptists
Vol. II, 1886

Alien Baptism in the SBC in 1915
By W. P. Throgmorton

The Early Baptist Preachers
By Victor I. Masters

The Conflict of Missions and Anti-Missions
By Victor I. Masters, 1915

Alien Immersions
By John T. Christian, 1926

Dr. A. M. Poindexter on Pedobaptist Immersions
The Christian Respository, 1879

Baptist Missions
By Carl E. Sadler, 1981

New York - Kentucky
A Baptist Lesson
Tennessee Baptist, 1835

The Lord's Supper
By Jesse Mercer, 1833

Close Communion
By Prof. R. M. Dudley, D. D., 1890
Georgetown (KY) College

Why Close Communion And Not Open Communion
By O. L. Hailey, D. D., Editor
Arkansas Baptist, 1900

A Review of The History of Baptism
By Robert Robinson
Edited by David Benedict, A.M.
The American Baptist Magazine
and Missionary Intelligencer
, 1818

The History of Baptism
By Robert Robinson, 1817
Subscriber's Names

The Regular and Separate Baptists of Kentucky Unite in 1801
Kentucky Baptist History, 1922
By William Dudley Nolin

Early American Baptist Newspapers
A History of the Baptists, 1890
By Thomas Armitage

The Baptists: Regular, Separate, and United
By John M. Peck, 1855

Rev. John M. Peck's First Journey
Through Kentucky in 1817

The Christian Repository, 1859

Baptist Revivals
There are several essays

Persecution of Baptists in Early Virginia History
By William Fristoe, 1808

Baptist Lay Elders in the Churches
There are two essays

Baptists and the American Civil War
A collection of information posted on this site
that is related to the American Civil War

"A Compendium of the Minutes of the
Warren Baptist Association [New England]
from its Formation in 1767 to the year 1825."

A Defense of the Philadelphia Confession of Faith
Pillars of Orthodoxy, 1900
By T. T. Eaton

Our Invitation
First Baptist Church, Murray, KY, 1970s

A Century Sermon, 1807
Philadelphia Baptist Association
By Rev. Samuel Jones

"The Good Confession"
A Centennial Sermon
by James A. Kirtley, 1875.
Preached the year prior to our nation's 100th Anniversary.

The Duty of Baptists to Teach Their Distinctive Views
By John A. Broadus, D. D., 1880

The First Four Professsors of The Southern Baptist Seminary
Memoir of James P. Boyce
By John A Broadus, 1893

Seminary Notes, Louisville, KY
The Baptist newspaper, 1890

Kentucky General Association Meetings, 1902

A Catechism of Bible Teaching
John A. Broadus, D. D., L.L.D.

A Catechism for Little Children, 1864
Compiled and Published by Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

The Scriptural Attitude of a Church Toward its Pastor
By D. B. Eastep

What Baptists Have Done for the World
Pillars of Orthodoxy, 1900
By John T. Christian, D.D.

Distinctive Baptist Principles
By B. H. Carroll

The Origin and Nature of the Church
By Davis W. Huckabee, 1970

Nature of the Church
I. K. Cross, 1990

Wayne E. Ward on Baptist Baptism
Baptist Record, 1967

Baptist Church Membership in the South in 1861
From the Tennessee Baptist

Southern Baptist Convention Resolutions at the
Beginnning of the American Civil War - 1861

By Samuel Boykin, 1881

History of the Baptized Ministers and Churches
in Kentucky, &c, Friends to Humanity

By Carter Tarrant, V.D.M., 1808
This is a History of Emancipationist Baptists - PDF Format
Provided by Charles Tarrants, New Delhi, NY.

Church Discipline
From British and American Circular Letters
A collection of essays

Comments on Discipline in the
Early English Baptist Churches

J. M. Cramp's Baptist History, 1871 edition

Reviews of Cramp's Baptist History
There are two Reviews - One by Spurgeon

Minutes of the German Mission Society
of the Mississippi Valley

The Tennessee Baptist, 1854

The Church Ordinances
By R. Charles Blair

Defects of Campbellite Repentance and Faith
By W. C. Taylor

The Annual Call of the Pastor
Tennessee Baptist, 1850

The Body of Christ: Separating Myth From Metaphor
By Charles Hunt
A Link

A Systematic Study of Bible Doctrine
By T. P. Simmons
A Link

Baptist - Why and Why Not
J. M. Frost, Editor
A Link.

Alien Baptism and the Baptists
By William M. Nevins
A Link

Church Discipline
By L. S. Walker
A Link via R. L. Vaughn

Foxe's Book of Martyrs
By John Foxe
A PDF file

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