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Baptist Views of the Origin of the Church
By R. L. Vaughn, 2018

Baptist Historical Documents on the Web
By R. L. Vaughn

Baptist Groups in the United States
By R. L. Vaughn, 2006

Questions About Deacons
By R. L. Vaughn, 2021

Two Old Paths
By R. L. Vaughn, 2022

Alexander Campbell, Kentucky, and King James
By R. L. Vaughn, May, 2018
This article was also in The Spencer Journal
[Journal of the Kentucky Baptist Historical Society]

“Landmarkism” Before Landmarkism
By R. L. Vaughn, 2018

B. H. Carroll -- was a "Landmarker"
By R. L. Vaughn

"Pre-Landmark" Landmarkism
By R. L. Vaughn, 2007

Twelve Reasons for the Church Before Pentecost
By R. L. Vaughn

Six points about Church Membership and Church Rolls
By R. L. Vaughn

Baptist Statistics
By R. L. Vaughn, 2009

Church autonomy and church discipline
By R. L. Vaughn

"Begotten" in Baptist Confessions
By R. L. Vaughn, 2020

John Leland on The Bible
By R. L. Vaughn

Balthasar Hübmaier
Anabaptist Leader

A List of Baptist Hymn Books and Hymnals Published in 1876 to 1900
Compiled by R. L. Vaughn

Isaac Reed and East Texas Churches
By R. L. Vaughn

David Lewis: Indian Missionary and Sabine Divisionary
By R. L. Vaughn

Forked Deer Baptist Association (TN), 1825
Articles of Faith

125th Anniversary of Bethany Baptist Church
Oak Flat, Nacogdoches County, Texas
By Robert L. Vaughn

Two-Seed-in-the-Spirit Predestinarian Baptists
By R. L. Vaughn

The Thief on the Cross
By R. L. Vaughn, 2015

John Clarke and Obadiah Holmes on the Decree of God
By R. L. Vaughn

Preaching the Bible and/or Articles of Faith
By R. L. Vaughn

Is Anyone Listening?
By Robert L. Vaughn, 2012

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