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Just Published - [1850]

The Church Member's Hand Book
A GUIDE to the Doctrines and Practices of Baptist Churches.
By the Rev. Wm. Crowell.
1 vol. 18mo. Price 31 1/2cents.


[From the Journal and Messenger.]
      It is just such a book as might be expected from the author of the "Church Member's Manual."

[From the Watchman and Reflector.]
      It is a pocket volume, and contains much truth well expressed, in a little space. It is concise, clear and comprehensive; and, as an exposition of ecclesiastical principles and practice, is worthy of the careful study of all young members of our churches. We hope that it may be widely circulated, and that the youthful thousands of our Israel may become familiar with its pages.

[From the New York Recorder.]
      Mr. Crowell is well known as a vigorous and powerful writer, and an able expositor of Baptist principles and polity. All his best traits a writer are stamped upon this little volume, for which we invoke a wide circulation. Its doctrinal views would tend to stability, as its practical suggestions would to spiritual life. Its hints and rules on rights, duties, discipline, business and order, if duly observed, would contribute greatly to the peace, purity and efficiency of our churches.

[From the Indian Advocate.]
      This is decidedly the best treatise on the subject of which it treats, that has ever come under our notice. The propositions are plainly stated and concisely illustrated.

[From the Western Watchman.]
      This is just the book wanted in all parts of our country. It contains a condensed but complete epitome of all things which come up in practice, and on which the churches and ministers are frequently called to act.

[From the Michigan Christian Herald.]
      A brief, plain guide to young church members. We wish every one of this class might have the "Hand Book." Ignorance of the doctrines of the Bible and laws of Christ's house is the disgrace of too many, both the young and old, and through it, blight and dishonor often come upon the visible church of God.

[From the Christian Chronicle.]
      This little volume, by the author of the "Church Members Manual," ought to be placed in the hands of every member of our churches. It is an admirable summary of those points of doctrine and faith which every member should be perfectly familiar. We hope our pastors may scatter it widely. It will guard against many evils in the future.

[From the Watchman of the Prairies.]
      It is the production of a clear head and is one of the most valuable works on the subject of which it treats. It is one of those books which will do great good among the members of all our churches.

[From the Baptist Messenger.]
      This is a book of uncommon excellence. - Almost every thing pertaining to church doctrines and practice, is discussed in a very able and satisfactory manner. If pastors will make special efforts to circulate this volume, they will doubtless, promote the piety and efficiency of their churches, and prevent much mischief that now arises from the want of information on the subject of church polity.

[From the Baptist Chronicle.]
      Mr. Crowell has studied the subject of church government, and church discipline thoroughly. His style of writing is at once clear and forcible. He speaks to the point, and speaks powerfully. We are sure that the "Hand Book" will be received with very general favor by the Baptist denomination.

[From the Christian Visitor, St. Johns, N. B.]
      This valuable treatise is just what is wanted for general circulation in these Provinces, and it is in every way adapted in style, form and price, for our churches.

[From the Christian Secretary.]
      We have never met with a book of this size that contained so full and complete a synopsis of the doctrines and practice of the Baptists or any other church, as this. It appears to have been prepared with much care and labor, and is just such a book as is needed by every young church member, we might safely add, and by most of the older members in the denomination, for there is a vast amount of information that will be found of practical use to all. It is got up in a plain, cheap style, expressly for general circulation.
      March 28, 1850.


[From J. R. Graves, editor, the Tennessee Baptist, 1850. CD edition. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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